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@Ankama: Can we please get more furnitures for our Haven Bags?

By Karakedi - MEMBER - January 27, 2020, 01:15:12

I really love and enjoy this games art and design team, this also includes and is not excluded to furniture they come up with for our haven bags. Honestly I enjoy decorating my haven bags more than any other content in this game. However I get the feeling that we don't get much furniture anymore when we get new content or more furniture overall.
I would like new furniture added that we can get from existing islands but also new recipes added for Handyman profession for furniture overall, so we can obtain these by either grinding them on those islands and or crafting them ourselves.

So in short my question/suggestion is twofold:

  1. Can we please get more furniture for our HB's?
  2. Can handyman get an update and craft more furniture for our HB's please?
  • Also, I would like the ability to put some of the Haven World furniture in our Haven Bags, like the Wabbit Fountain and other small and medium furniture/objects.
  • Lastly, I would appreciate it if we could get the ability to craft some of the old furniture back that were both on Handyman and Mining professions like the nation benches and "horned" wabbit walls for example.

Thank you for reading.
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Hi there,

while I think the ideas are nice, priorities definetly lie somewhere else. Might be something for in the future, though!

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i recomend less resources for furniture recipes

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Agree. We need more deco recipes for handyman and wider themes (wooden, metallic, jeweled, golden, crystal, maybe spectral?...). This would only mean added workload for artists, the scripts would be basically recycled from other furniture pieces. And more interactive ones would also be welcome, like usable chairs, or light-able lights and torches, or jukebox for music (hammerin' hammerin' hammerin').

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More interactive furniture and decorations are always demanded and welcome~ Since the Ikiakit been removed, thus, never harm to add back some recipes for the trades/sales indeed. 

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