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By Melonnissise - MEMBER - January 22, 2020, 17:48:31

Locks your account as a mono account (cannot use heroes)
Gives you +100% more final damage and final(?) resists.
Bonus kamas at end of fights
+2AP, +2mp, +1WP
*Values are theoretical, up to devs how much final damage/final resists is good enough to justify $15

This game badly needs to return to a state of promoting the need to work together. Being able to play 1 character opens up roleplaying a bit more. A Legend character like this would be able to fill any role (except maybe healer). Ultimately it gives the player freedom to start as any race they want without the fear of needing the "correct group composition." The group meta is the source and the core of why people rather not interact with the rest of the community.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, I'm just trying to find solutions to bringing in new and returning players to this game.

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sounds busted
i'm in

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First off, this is hilariously pay to win. I shouldn't have to explain why that would be bad, I hope.
Second off, before heroes were a thing we had people who would play 6 accounts, controlling all 6 characters. Some would likely revert to this to maximize the bonus instead of joining other people again.
Working together isn't something that you can force people to do, at least not with a method like this. If you want to force people to work together, you simply have to give them some large scale content to clear that can't be done with 2 people. The moon towers, when moon was the end game content, was reasonably successful at this, as well as the more recent Thirsters content in Pandalucia. You want events that feel like if you don't have a large group of people, you wouldn't be able to progress far enough.

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6 legend boosters to create your own party would cost you $37-$38 per month (double that with the old booster price). That's a lot of money, if they want to pay all that to play 6 different account I'd say let them!

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Cooperate and comunity is cool. Yeat you looking wrong at it. You think Hero Account makes people play solo? Thats only 3 chars of 6 man party and its still hard to find second dude to do dungeon. There no global LFG chat and dungeon party search shows you ghost people and even not work at all for some dungeons (are you serious? how can dev work on class reworks etc when one of main mmo tools not works?). Thats realy stressfull for new players to get into the game as this game looks like designed for 2 players right now while bring no tools to find partner. You realy think we need something to make it "solo only"?

Id like to see other concept. "Legend booster" who will let you play 3 hero + 3 sidekicks party. While you have only 3 man loot. You will have 3 man loot * 25 prospect for playing in 3+3 or 2+2+2 group with other players.
That will:
  still glorify cooperation
  keep room for double (triple for 2+2+2?) accounts players (and booster sells)
  let one account only players (like me) play this game somehow while they cant find teammate
  bring reason to actualy use (and buy!) sidekicks for booster players

tho that wont fix dungeon team search, realy ankama, thats nonsence.

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LOL  nice joke

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