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The problem with Nation Swords

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - January 20, 2020, 11:01:10

Heres my issue
All these items need to be rerolled in this new system, and yet they are an enormous joke to craft
And no, i am not referring to the main components like the Weapon seals or the Boss materials, that much is understandable

Sword) You need a Nation Sword blueprint of dubious drop chance that can only be acquired on high stasis ALS of specific dungeons in each nation, but you dont get it from mobs, you have to get lucky with getting a "nation chest" to spawn
Not only is it a % chance of getting a chest, but its also a % chance of getting the blueprint from that chest, why? even if you get the materials youll struggle immensly with this
This quadruples if you at all want an eternal sword

Ring) You need 5 rings from a specific hoarde spawn in each nation, there is no direct time to when this hoarde spawns, you have to camp the location for, and im not joking, literal hours every day, there are people who will go to these areas and Afk all day waiting for it.
Not only is this not fun in any way, It actively encourages players to make alt accounts just to camp the area while they go and do something that will actually give them some kind of linear progress, i think encouraging alt accounts on an mmo is a very bad idea
Also for some reason the rings were exluded from the recipe resource cutting?

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They have excluded a lots of gears from resource cutting. For example: Kaw Breastplate

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The difficulty in obtaining national swords is to some extent explained by their power, but drop chance of their blueprints is really ridiculously low. Some of my friends repeatedly destroyed nation mimics, but never received anything from them. Rings from hordes is another headache.

I wrote about the incredibly low drop chance of blueprints in another topic: 'Blueprints: drop chance'. And if the national swords are relics 200 lvl, then the items I have indicated are only 125-170 (although some of them are necessary for crafting souvenirs), and I absolutely do not understand why they are so difficult to obtain. Since I wrote this topic (May 14, 2019, it's been about 10 months), I was lucky to get only 5 blueprints from the list I submitted. And none of these items I have ever seen on the market. Why add items to the game that most players will never get?

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