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Dislikes are the new way of trolling

By Ryudo271 - MEMBER - January 13, 2020, 22:17:23

Sorry, I didn't find where to post this.
I noticed that a lot of post were getting massive amount of dislikes really fast on the forum...
It's visible under the topic «SURVEY: LEVEL 215, WILD PVP & ENCHANTMENT» where some got 13-16 dislikes under 30 min. 

Please, remove dislikes from the forum, they are annoying and get me angry when I read at the forum. You could also just hide them at least.

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Likes and dislikes doesn't really matter. That's most probably 1 person with multiple accounts so if he wants to waste all that time reloging then the joke is on him.

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Weird is any thread involving open-PvP-yes or open-PvP-no that doesn't end like that. It's a classic here.

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Same thing happened during the Green Weekend screenshot competition. Someone tried to mass downvote everyone before him and mass upvote themselves as if that would make any difference in the end result. Since the jury for that one was Ankama themselves, not community votes.

This also backfired since people figured it out and downvoted the perpetrator.

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I disliked everyone on this topic! Please dislike me too! :3


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