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suggestions from players for the future of the game!

By kilerama22 - MEMBER - November 20, 2019, 05:59:07

my suggestion is to start advertising wakfu again, also include giveaway with giveaway keys on fammous or decent mmorpg sites like,mmohuts,mmobomb and so on. bring in new players and make a event for new players with a new player buff to give them a bit of extra wisdom,pros and such. 
I think it would be a smart thing to do!

what are your suggestions?

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They are focusing their resources right now in Waven.

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A. Advertise.... they did... from time to time...
B. Giveaway keys.... will be taken by old players so not effective in attracting new players.
C. New Player Buff.... buff are not that useful if new players have no idea what advantage those buff will afford them because their knowledge of the game is still not that much.

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It could be keys that give new players a week of free booster when they start or something.

Maybe events with bonus EXP when mentored to engage with existent players.

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there are tons of equipment to give you wisdom,prospect and other.. you are just freelancers. yea this game needs its adverts. ^^

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