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Wakfu vanilla/classic/retro, catch the wave Ankama.

By Seguchi-sama - MEMBER - November 09, 2019, 20:00:57

Everyone's aware of WoW classic's success, whether you like it, or not, or don't care. Wanting the old Wakfu back makes me return to the forums and make this kinda post once again.

A vanilla server, or even better, standalone launcher as it used to be. 2012 or 2013 state. Level cap 105, maybe 120 with Frigost and Shudoku being the endgame areas. With Vampyro and UB still feeling fear-inducingly epic. With the horrible monthly sub that I'll gladly pay.

Gimme back the cra and ecaflip that had crazy damage modifiers on a lucky headshot. And those stuns. And those nearly-infinite D6 rerolls. Oh baby.

Gimme back the sacrier attraction that was nearly free to cast and could reach across entire map. Gimme back the visible multiarm. And 1 hp state being actually intimidating.

Gimme back the rng-based lock, that actually made you skip turn if you were unlucky. That applied to enemies as well. I remember locking stuff with my eni's a- *ahem* back. \o/

Gimme back the rng-based earth panda tanking that could save or ruin the day on Magmog.

Gimme back enutrof's fat pouches. And the cry when the pouch exploded, failing to upgrade. Gimme back the badass fire enutrofs that sacrificed lewts for damage.

Gimme back the damage dealer feca.

Gimme back the insane ap removal on water xelor.

Gimme back the eni zombification.

Gimme back the celestial gobbal dungeon spam for leveling and cotton.

Gimme back the level 100 master crafter weapons and armor that felt so prestige.

Gimme back the old nations. With the deep mines where you could get lost without a guide. With elite riktus dungeon still being worth to run.

Gimme back the ganking on mining spots that I hated so much.

Gimme back Bonta 5th as a community hub.

Gimme back those long, long runs through Astrub until you reach a nation outpost.

Gimme back the ARENAS.

Gimme back the optional prospecting sets that you could wear on any class if you wish to farm something.

Gimme back the old, unrestricted spell system, that actually let you be creative and use unleveled spells for utility.

Gimme back leveling your non-main spell branches to 20 or 30 for resist.

Gimme back the dungeon keys being a pain to get.

The list goes on. I'm longing so badly for the old, untainted Wakfu. And I know at least a few dozens people who would come back and pay for that. I'll personally take interest in promoting and spreading the word if this becomes real.

Feel free to add your fond memories in the comments!
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Oldest screenshot I have saved currently, from 2013. In schnek part of old mount zinit.

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I have some old Zinit screenshots too. They're Uncomfortable.

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Here's one of my favorite memories, I think this was level 105 cap. GM used his fancy weapon to one-shot us.

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Bring back the Sram's explosive double smile

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yeah, old but gold. Sorry ankama new developers but in my feeling that the old wakfu more funnies and better than now one.angel. someone can love the news without me, im love the tradition of oldwakfu

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I agree with all of this, I may have not been the best player, but there are so many memories I have with Wakfu. Esspecially the older versions, there were so many friends I made along the way and so many others I just ended up interacting with and meeting. I once did a pvp fight with the wonderfully friendly Oakly. Got killed in 5 turns, but still was a blast. 

The changes to the game affected the RP community too, which I used to be a big part of. You can still find all the logs from Knowledge is power, Led by OM3GA-Z3R0. A lot of us just lost interest because around the same time all the major changes happened, all the lore got thrown out the window. 

I miss a lot of things and have many good memories with Wakfu, so having a classic server would be amazing, and I would play it every day.


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I mean I wouldn't be against trying some old air ecaflip with random earth spells, enis with resurection marks and cleanses, rogues with AP refunds, xelors with charged summons, etc.

But I doubt I'd really play it a lot, just for a week or so to sate my nostalgia.

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It would be a novelty at best, though I do wish the maps weren't decimated so badly.

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Returning player here, started playing back in 2012.
I actually was thinking about writing something similar to this post, seeing that I had similar thoughts to what you've said.
 I miss most of those things, although I can't say I managed to level up all the way above level 80, because I had/still have, the terrible habit of deleting characters and re-starting for "wanting to try new things".
But about the old Wakfu I can say, it was the best mmorpg I played so far.
(It reminds me a lot of games I played when I was a child, like Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea, so Wakfu was an instant crush to me.)

Some things I need to say though, since we're talking about the Vanilla Experience.

I really, really, really do miss the arenas.

I didn't play much of the arenas outside Astrub, seeing that back then most players would stay around that area because the game was subscription based Most of the people I met would stick to the upper levels of Mount Zinit or play the Arena over and over again, and I swear I had a friend who managed to get 3 different sadidas to level 70+ by being free to play around that time.
Besides that, people would straight up try to break the records of the arena, and they would play it over and over, and would create different characters and try new classes to see if they could actually go a little bit further and surpass the record.

Thinking about the old Wakfu, I must mention the Kama Printing system, and how punishing it was.
Back then, you would need to colect a pre-set amount of minerals who would spawn outside Astrub, therefore you had to pay the subscription to acess it.
You would print 1 kama at the level 1 of the Kama Printing skill, and it would take a lot of time to perform that action, i would say around 20 seconds to do so.
At the level 2 of kama printing, you would print 2 kamas. 20 seconds to do so.
And to actually be able to print the 2 kamas, you would need level 20 miner.
It was so hard to reach that, because it was such a time investment.
But back then, haven a few dozen - or even a few hundred kamas felt like a fortune, because, lets be honest, no one wanted to farm 200 minerals per hour, and have the chance of being attacked by a player who also wanted those precious kamas.
That made the game so much harder, because you would need to worry about potential enemies whenever you felt like collecting the minerals, but it also made the game so rewarding.

The stats and skills system was also totally different.
The stats had only a few options for you to level up, being elemental and PA/PM? Maybe crit involved stats, but i can't recall if that was true, honestly.
I remember i had the bright idea of saving my stats all the way to level 61 on my Sacrier, to be able to get the two MP points, and with my Noke set, reach over 6 MP points. Although sadly, my Iop and Cra friends would outdamage me on almost every spell, I still had a lot of fun, because back then, at least on my group, no one really cared. Everyone was enjoying the experience together.

I think one of the coolest things i've seen ever in any game i've played so far  was the Amakna governor planting fields of crops for other people, so they could colect and bake their own breads.

But being honest, i'm not so sure about the future of the game.
Don't get me wrong, I love Wakfu.
It was something inportant in my adolescence.
But if we exclude the months and days difference, it is going to be almost 8 years since I first found out about this game.
8 years.

This game has a lot of potential. The art style, and mechanics, and soundtrack, well, it even has its own animation! How many games can say the same?
But I guess that i need to be realistic. And this text is too long, and if you read all of this, and reached these words, I guess i can just say i'm flattered, haha.
But overall, I don't know about the future of the game.
But I know Wakfu will always have a good place in my memories and heart.


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Make Bugfu great again!, when everything was unbalanced and cheesy fun.

Granted the game has come great strides it has veered greatly from what it first set out to be. Politics mean nothing and the eco-update is coming idk we will see. 

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I mean as long as they include all the UI improvements, old wakfu was a pain to play.

But I wouldn't be against a sort of Wakfu: Chaos where they test random ideas and everything keeps changing

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This is absolutely something to consider devs! We stopped playing because the updates somehow made the game lose its luster. Thanks! 

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I would love a classic server, I miss the old nations, new ones are way too small and lack the soul they once had, don't understand why they would erase such great maps.
Funny how the game just got progessively worse since the beta version.

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Give me back the old wakfu it was such a pain to play but love it you realy had to work hard for levels for your charters,they have gotten away from what wakfu was all about the movies have nothing to do with this game anymore they went away from the true story of wakfu the charters the towns, some might say new is good and changes need to be made true in some games but not wakfu it needs to stay true to the story and the charters, this game has so gotten worse and it is not fun anymore,give me back my cra that could go into a dung and blow have the monster away with one shot.i have played since beta and this game as progessively has gone down hill i hope one day they listen to the game players and put wakfu back how it was ment to be and played. i long for the good old days and old ways.

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