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Suggestion for item average pricing

By LonelyPanther - MEMBER - October 21, 2019, 06:58:44

I love the new system of average pricing for Items, but what I don’t love it’s its uncertainty.
-before 1.64, the system was amazing and very helpful. But everything changed when 1.65 attacked...errrr...arrived.
-1.65 bought along many values for 1type of gear. Here is my suggestion:

Update pricing for each socket number and unrolled. Something like this:

When clicking on a gear piece, have a small icon to open a window that leads to average pricing, in it have the prices as follows:

Unrolled: “average price paid”
1-socket: “average price paid”
2-socket: “average price paid”
3-socket: “ average price paid”
4-socket: “average price paid”

This way it will help players determine the best fitting values for each category.
Average prices based on market values that have been sold ofc.

It should be a piece of cake for the coders that work in Ankama to do right? Nothing too complex for their big brains. TY

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The system before update 1.65 didn't work as well. Pets have levels, yet they're all lumped together, same went for runed gear. While everyone would like the improvement you suggest, if Ankama didn't fix that in the last 6 years with pets and runed gear (when you search for cheapest item of a type, the results ignored any runes or pet level), I doubt they'll do anything in that regard in next 6 years.

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