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Some improvement idea's

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - October 14, 2019, 12:55:18

>Gathering % displays
Currently ingame there are a myriad of items that offer unique bonuses that increase a players Gathering % for certain job roles
For example the snoofle increases Mining resources gathered by 50%, the Seal of companionship offers 50% to ALL gathering professions
However it is never fully explained ingame as to how this works, as gathering often leads sporadic and often confusing results, resources gathered jumping from 2 to 7, id personally be a fan of either in the professions tab or on the actual stat page, a stat for each gathering profession, showing your current % for each job and what increasing it actually intails, explain how increasing gathering by a % even benefits you, as currently i use a Noxine for every job role, and dont quite understand whats the point in going for this new 50% gathering to lumberjack pet

>Haven bag markets and linking
As of right now the market in a haven bag method doesn't really work, there are indeed options to add a HUUUGE haven bag market of your own personal sales but there really is not much point as your haven bag may very well be ignored, whats more, you can only utilise your own personal haven bag market while youre offline, literally what is the point?
Change 1: Allow haven bags to be placed in any location while you are online, allow it to be "deployed" and active, however as you would expect, limit this, and have the haven bag removed after a certain period of time passes while the player is offline, example: (offline for a month? remove the bag), this will allow the use of a personal market more
Change 2: Allow haven bags to "link" to the market (for a fee ofc) where people can search someones sales by name, possibly in a separate tab that would pop up when attending to the market

>Create an AnkaBox system within Wakfu
Now this might seem weird, but as of right now if a player has a friend or wants to speak with another person but has no way of contacting them except ingame, theyre screwed because the game does not let you leave a message, so thats why i want to propose an Ankabox system to wakfu, i dont think its that hard but it would help improve the game a LOT in my opinion

>Enviromental watch
Now this, might actually be a bit harder to implement but bare with me
Currently there are 5 new relic swords that were introduce, one for each nation and then the eternal sword which is the fusion of all 4
If you want one of these swords you need their corresponding ring to equip them, to get the ring you must complete a very long list of specific collaberative, competetive and otherwise enviromental quests
the ONLY way to do this as of right now is to sit in the area and just wait, thats literally what it needs, and this, is mind-numbingly boring
What i would really like, would be for it to be possible for a player to go to that area, speak to the land owner (example: otomai at zinit summit), scroll through the enviromental quests that are to spawn, and click a button called "watch list"
Just like how when youre near an area and an invasion happens you will get a pop up, this does very much the same thing, except no matter where you are in the world of twelve, if that enviromental starts, you can run over, put a limit on this at maybe 3 watched enviromental's at once
Not only does this help the player, but for later content i want to see players flocking to an area when a hoard spawns if it has a rare drop or something, would be great to see

>Search bar in inventory
Please god, please, pLEASE

>Full use of Haven bag chest
Please expand to chest space to actually be its full capacity, with more and more content added it would be unfair to keep the chests space so limited

>Enhancements to the UI and Combat pinging
I couldnt do these topics justice so with the consent of the OP im linking them here
Combat pinging: here
UI enhancement: here

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-Env quest watch would be really cool idea, helping not only with nation ring quest but also with things like Kelwa Ring activation quest, hunting for hordes that drop epics etc. Would love that system in the game.

-Search bar in inventory, tbh Im really surpriced we dont have that, it's like the most common thing in most of games.

- There was many topic before about expanding space in all bag chest, guild bank chest and for more slot bags. A lot of time past, we have even more mats, resources and gear, we need space for that. and the fact that 1st chest slot in hb have like 3x less space then last one make me always go full reeeee cos I know that in theory that can be bigger, so why not allow us to use it xd

-Linking bags to general market will steal that charm of finding super cool offers randomly, tho I think that would be change for better bc I think Im one of the really few ppl who acctually look on the all bag prices from time to time to search for some rare stuff xD

-I personaly used AnkamaMail only few times during 6 years but I bet it might be usefull for some ppl.

-And gathering display, okey why not. it's not big deal for me but looks like quite easy to implement.

Overall couple of nice ideas, hope wakfu team will take a peak on them :V
Thanks for sharing my threads.

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there are some interisting ideas, that may be implemented like:

Change 2: Allow haven bags to "link" to the market (for a fee ofc) where people can search someones sales by name, possibly in a separate tab that would pop up when attending to the market

>Search bar in inventory
Please god, please, pLEASE

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