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Jail-outlaw system rework suggestion

By cody5 - MEMBER - October 13, 2019, 20:50:46
Outlaw: If you reach -100 CP in any nation, you are considered an outlaw and any further illegal acts will instead of lowering your CP increase your "Bounty". While you are an outlaw your outlaw symbol get fancier the higher your bounty is, but if you get back to positive CP the outlaw mark will be hidden, but the guards can still attack you if they recognize you from the bounty board.
Guards: People with high CP can sign up as guards for a small fee, they have a bounty board with highest bounty outlaws listed there and information about them, they can attack anyone but if they attack someone who's not an outlaw they will loose a ton of CP eventually loosing their guard rank, if they kill an outlaw they get sent to jail and the guard gets their bounty (and a small amount of CP). If an outlaw is attacked, noone can join the outlaw's side but the guard can have up to 3 guards on their side (normal citizens can also join but they will only get some CP instead of a share of the bounty).
Jail: While in jail, your CP slowly goes back to 0 but your bounty doesn't decrease unless you mine ore deposits and harvest animals in jail (like the current rats and pebbles)
Bounty: If a guard defeats and captures an outlaw with a bounty you as a reward get ores and resources equivalent to the amount of ores and resources the prisoner collected in jail once their sentence is complete.
Escaping: If the prisoner escapes, their bounty is increased by 10% and they look like a prisoner and cannot collect any resources, fight mobs or enter havenbags for 1 hour ingame time, for this duration their location will be periodically anounced in the guard chat. If a guard manages to catch them they can just click on them to send them directly back to jail. If they manage to not get caught for an hour they loose the debuff and turn back into a normal outlaw.
Mercenaries: Governor can grant some outlaws "Mercenary contracts" that allow them to hunt down infamous outlaws to lower their bounty by 80% of their target's bounty (shared if multiple mercenaries took down 1 outlaw).
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