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Is it impossible to recreate Amara migration for Nox and Phaeris servers?

By Pizzaguy420 - MEMBER - October 11, 2019, 16:37:58

As title says.

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Server merge announced like a three years ago? Almost four years, I guess. So I don't think it would happen this easy or in recent day. Just wait or quit. 

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you are in remington ... 

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I play in Rem, its just something i have been wondering.

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you have to wait with patience. they already have studied for three years biggrin why can't you gonna see it soon?  3year hmm 4year? I guess they are about to get Phd of server mergeology. You are just having lack of patience.


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I think that the main problem is amount of accounts on these servers, friend from Amara said that in the end there was only 10 of them on server. We can meme a bit form Nox and Phaeris, they are much smaller. But in fact Nox have some active guilds and players and when I log there to check market and ladders it's small amount of teams but still something, I bump into ppl on alma, eca arena and astrub.
Phaeris are much smaller but still I know few ppl on endgame there and some ppl who lvl. So it might be a reason why it is problematic?

Something need to be done for these ppl. They waiting a long time and each next year left less and less ppl there. Would really want to see some informations about the progress of merge.

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