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Sick of "Mine War" & "Fish Fight"

By Will-J - MEMBER - October 04, 2019, 09:40:41

Honestly, there are no fun at all with raw material gathering. So why not make mine and fish easier?
I don't know how many players are in French community, but in Remington, I saw the player number is far less than a healthy environment, because I can't seldom buy materials I want. 
So, I must do it myself. But here comes a problem, when I do herb, plant, tree, it's easy to do them in Haven Bag or Haven World. But when it comes to fish and mine, it becomes complicated. 
I'm tired of "racing" with somebody, just to mine ores I want, especially some "useful" ores which can make Kama directly. Fish schools have the same problem. Luckily, PVP canceled in wild, so no one can directly attack others currently.

Why not make "Ores" and "Fish Schools" plantable like herb, tree? So everyone can do it in Haven Bag??

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Ah yes, let me slap the ground with fish to spawn more, just add all schoals and ores to haven world

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There is another problem, since the number of Haven world is limited, new players can't have their own haven world. When you require a certain type of resources, you must do it in the wild. 

*Sigh* I visited many haven world, almost everyone has shut down the door. If Ankama can make a haven world has more area (like a special area for ores, can be open to public), it would be much helpful.

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I will suggest to recall a several stage of each node of single resources like this case, like all plants have 3 stage, those mine node or fishing spot actually can hold at least 3 stage each or more, then if a harvesting perform collect the resources, it can deplenish several round before complete vanish. Therefore, the harvesting will not become a robotic routine with more possibility over all. 

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Yeah, currently we just follow a fixed routine to do it over and over again. If someone interrupt the routine, it will be somehow irritating. If a node can be collected for serveral times, the same resource should be able to allow more people to gather at the same time. 

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Or just make more nodes
Mining didnt used to be an issue cause we had the drhellery which was ENORMOUS for mining resources
people actually ran into eachother there, was great for saying hello

In old nations there was also little pockets of Coal mines that people could sit in
Why dont we have more of these scattered across the ungodly size of the land

Same for fish, can we not just have more of them?
If the population ever does actually increase we really wont have the resource points to cope

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Wakfu has so many materials and items, I believe one server should have at least 10k daily active players to make sure the market can function well. But the way to get resources is limited. If you don't have a haven world, you can only do it in the wild with others. Now the player number is little, this issue has already be a headache, at least for me. I can't imagine how intense the fight for resources would be in the wild, if we really have more players.

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