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Leather Dealer is awful. Please, let us use handyman.

By WiniThePau - MEMBER - October 04, 2019, 07:07:12

Hello. I'm an average monoaccount single character player that wishes to level a profession and so far its been doing great but leather dealer is hell to do.  To level leatherworker is to suffer, as it is the only wakfu profession that depends on mob drops to be leveled. Other professions have recipes linked to mobs and their drops, only leather dealer has one that requires you to hunt for monsters.

The way of obtaining materials is what's painful, as the class requires the same ammount of crafts as any other profession but has a way slower way of gathering those materials. Usually, when you level a proffesion you need raw materials, and this materials come in bundles of 1-3, later boosted to 2-8 through gear and pets. For leatherdealer, the materials you gather come in 25% chance of dropping from an enemy per character. This here, can result in fights not dropping anything that'll help you move forward.

This has been asked for a long time and our suggestion has fallen in deaf ears, not even a word has been given to use why of the change... But before you were able to gather from live and dead mobs to get the resources you needed to work the profession. Now, you're stuck in a 25% chance per mob to drop gamble.

Let us gather again. Every crafting profession is linked to a gathering one yet leatherdealer doesn't depend at all on handyman. Keep the game consistent, let us gather using handyman.

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If you want to lvl only on refinement leathers, yes you are right.
But there are a lot of recepies that does not include leathers and gives alot more experience

I actually cheated a bit for this one by just letting people use my machines for free and I took the experience

I dont have a specific guideline but if you want some tips just say your curent lvl of LD. I am just lazy to make it from begining.

PS: its not luck that i leveled my professions. Most of i do in the game is crafting. I always invite people to use my machines. You need to promote yourself in order to get result that way wink

Sorry to reply on same post ... Using phone atm and i messed the settings

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Do you got a levelling guideline for leather dealer without using the basic component?

You got lucky with your circumstance that people were even able to use your machine  when you're around. When one wants to level leather dealer, they might have some friends that want to craft certain belts or boots but one's still low level since they just started out.

I agree with the OP's premise that leather dealer should be streamlined in accordance with all other crafting professions but I disagree with using handyman. Trapper would be more fitting.

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I just leveled up my leather dealer to 130.
Guess how?
One PM me, "give me $10, I will use your profession skill to help you level up". So he took my money, and the production and left only XP to me.

Do I have any other choices? I don't think so. Ankama devs should farm for one or more weeks, then they will know how ridiculous the design would be counting on monster drops to level up a profession.

Yeah, I know I could make boots or belts to level up. But if you check lvl 110 - 120 recipes, you'll know all possible recipes require leather, which is made of monster drops. Just give you an example.

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Or let us just use trapper harvesting ingredients instead of mob drops to make leather. That would make so much more sense.

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this is with absolutely no bonuses soo if you apply Alma + Guild + something else the amounts will drop alot

you can get the values and work around with other recepies 
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The Leather Dealer Prof is systematically designed to ensure that you will progress the game incrementally and ensures that you won't skip it. 
Indeed leveling the profession is kinda annoying, it took me a while to level but my best advice is, only lvl it when you reach max lvl 200, so that hoarding resources won't be a pain.  Just enjoy wacking lower lvl monster after you reach max XD.. 

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Maybe Ankama for once actually paid some attention, since in the latest beta Leather Dealer leather recipes are now 4+4 instead of 5+5 mob drops. 20% reduction is better than nothing, but IMO 3+3 would be more in line compared to how much time it takes to get those resources vs the harvested ones.

Also, OP wasn't talking just about leveling the profession, but gathering enough resources to make the leathers you need for certain recipes. I'm well aware that there are enough recipes to level your craft without gathering mob drops, and that's how I did it. But when I wanted to upgrade my Erebelt from mythic to legendary I needed to make 71 Eternal Leather, which was immediately offputting.

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