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Future Of Wakfu

By WetCtek - MEMBER - September 20, 2019, 20:06:02

Dear Ankama, this game really make us bored and cause of this lots people dropping from game , we got 200 and nothing to do except battlefield.And battlefield has unfair and boring gameplay cause of classes balance and selling page system.Even I made 10+ alts to defeat my dullness.But that was not solution. I'm not try to explain myself.We see great potential at this game but now its almost dead and this make us really upset.I hope you guys focus on WAKFU for endgame solutions to give players to reason to keep playing and motivation. 1.65 update will change somethings but will be not solution. 

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theres 2 reasons for ur probleme : -first the probleme that every player basicly plays in their own circle or alts / friends  so maybe thats why u feel left out 

the game is sandboxy : u create ur own fun . the game dont tell u what to do usualy 

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Pure Genius

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Those posts are getting boring, players were complaining even before that there is nothing to do after hitting 200 and getting gear, ankama revamped runes that made it possible to become even stronger, which means there is something to do after but people decided it's too grindy.
I don't support enchantment system completely but it isn't that bad, grind out gear with 4 slots and
now you have something to do.
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