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Feca shield upgrade

By JonTurk - MEMBER - August 25, 2019, 09:00:58

is all these resources worth for 40 hp and %2 block?

and i want to suggest this  shield name must be Roguard not feca shield.
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The only hard resources are the 14 eternal orbs and 400 ogrest tears. They will lower the material cost in the next  update, but I would just use the orange gear for now. Shields do not have slots so you it's a one time craft. I say it's pretty worth it for this item because you're only crafting it once and that's it. 

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it wont worth, i can sell these resource to earn kamas ,probably i  win over 2m kamas 14 orb and 400 ogrest and i dnt count glous etc. and about speciality of shield. %2 block  is meaningless ,because it is a rate value  and 40 hp is over 800 hp and this value is meaningless if you are 200lv .Shield doesnt need sockets but this is out of my topic and if you care my idea ,Ankama can  remove %block,critic rate  values from all weapons(maybe all gears ) and 
Ankama can add extra resistance , %block,lock vaules to shields and &critic hits,dodge,initative values to daggers and 2 hand weapons can get .more damage values than hand weapons.

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