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Convert sublimations into blueprints

By LonelyPanther - MEMBER - August 24, 2019, 20:51:02

As the title says. I suggest to turn sublimations into blueprints to be craftable. The rate of drop is ridiculously bad and they are selling for higher price than even the most popular gear, so imagine having to get all 10, especially when you’re looking for a specific sublimation that you need. It’s also very frustrating when you see a lot of players quitting because of this new system and the players who remain don’t have the strength, capacity, booster, or commitment to farm for scrolls. I’m on remi server btw.

2 things here:

-make them linked to char to prevent exploiting.
-make them hard to craft, but permanent after becoming blueprint. Make blueprint tradable or drop only as long as it cannot be exploited and drop rate is same or better than current drop rate.

Edit: I once made a survey regarding this, with 20 players from 2 sources. 19 out of 20 agreed that they would rather have a hard-to get linked blueprint and linked sublimation than to have sublimations be single use.

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And lower the amount of grinding?!
Someone at Ankama probably puked after reading such HERESY!!

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