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Pouches with "random" drops

By SirPercedal - MEMBER - August 16, 2019, 02:34:12

 Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to talk about the pouches from Mineral Tower and Occuluge dungeons, before 1.64 they had sense since they provided different goods. Now they are pointless bc well u "roll" to get one item that is in display xD
What I would like to see is some more variation in value of shards at least to make it logical at some point. Lets face it I get more shards from piwi dun run then from Occulage pouch, and acctually 50 shards form mineral is rather low too.
Thanks for your time!

PS.Big thanks to Genn for sharing gif with mineral tower pouch
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Agree, roll for only single one item is what point is it?

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Possibly gaining time until they implement several other prizes.

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You get a Lv170 gear and you need around 300~500 shads just for ONE rune slot improvement and then you get garbage prizes like 50 shards.. Or gears giving you, at best, around 10 when you recycle.. The amount of shards gained should be TRIPLE, not double, TRIPLE, the amount we receive right now for this system to be fair.. Try to increase a gear with 4 slots and your shards are gone as fast as my faith in Ankama making this game better..

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SirPercedal|2019-08-16 05:27:33
Did u guys rememebr that prizes from machine in mineral tower supposed to change? xD

That suppose to be change by weekly or monthly basic rotating instead, right? Too long enough not check the machine already. 
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Same with alamanax, we had those lvl 100 weapons for over 5 years now

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