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Make initiative more valuable.

By Warepig - MEMBER - August 12, 2019, 22:29:52
A. Stat initiative is bit broken. 
I think everyone would agree on the fact that Stat initiative of each character is not always benefit on whole Team. Because really Important thing is adjusting turn order as you and your teammate intended, not having highest init of each member as possible. This makes stat initiative weird. init is the only stat does not benefit team always. Even though Wrong turn order causes very critical problem on team, Way to change init is limited and quite hard. 

B. How can it be changed?
Making init adjustable within range as player's init stat can be solution. This would make having init as much as possible valuable. If you have 300 init, you can adjust or fix them within 300(0-300)before getting in combat. 

C. Why it has to be changed? 

It's more realistic, it would be most agile person(person who has most high init) who decides when he act first. not just acting first regardless of team's strategy. It's not agile person but seems like mad man. 

It's more MMO friendly, broken initiative is one of the factor that hinder MMO experience of Wakfu. If you made group of random people, you would face problem of messed turn order. I think most of players experienced this problem. in dungeon level range upper 80, they require you to optimize turn order. If you don't, you can not clear. Despite of the fact that Grouping with random people is core element of MMORPG, grouping with random people in wakfu imposes you loss, punishment. i think this solution can relieve this problem. 
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They won’t change it.
Because it is what they intended.
They want to make this game more harder to play and want to make players invest more time.
Unfortunately, you have to farm more gears for making perfect initiative order.
Game design of Team WAKFU is perfect.

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Siu? Is that you?!
Why are you  trying to pass up as fan? You're making it very obvious, at least be subtle about it!

Jokes aside, yeeeeeah no....  The game design of Wakfu isn't anything near as perfect.... Many classes are unappreciated to the point of being very situational, like Pandawas are mostly just used as positioners as DD Pandawas are very WP hungry and have awful ways to regen WP, Sadida's dolls are dumb and tend to irritate more than help which makes Sadida support the main build for teamfights yet they are outclassed by Eniripsas or Ecaflips (Ecaflips specially since at least they can remove ress, which the Eni can't, but Ecaflips surely can and better since its 20 points stronger and in AoE) and some class designs, for more interesting that they are, cause unbalances like the Sacrier, the idea of a class with high HP that gets stronger as it gets lower is interesting but because of that it paved the way for them to excel at 1v1..... The game isn't only unbalanced PvP wise but also PvE with dungeons from the same level range being anything from "Huh, that was easy!" to "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! WHY?!", just check all the dungeons from one level range and you will quickly understand the problem..... Not to mention of how grindy this game is with fight taking minutes just to get around 4% EXP, having to level professions to craft gear with rare materials that take time to spawn and now the new enchanting system making you gamble to check how many runes slots, colors and which order you get them which, of couse, will take a couple of tries..... Wanting to make the game harder so we invest more time isn't always a good thing.... If I was taking time farming tokens for an amazing equipment, sure, but having to regrind the same gear over and over to get the rune slots correctly in the way I want in the order I want with the colors I want, that's just pushing it to the realm of ridiculous.....

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In the times of old, the order of who attacks was based on Initiative without giving the opponent a sure turn so most players dumped points in Initiative so your entire team would attack first and wipe the mobs without they even trying, there is a reason why Xelor skills Handle and Temporal Burn remove initiative after all.. Those were the days...

But yeah, they won't do anything like you're suggesting.. Ankama don't tend to listen to us filthy english speakers even if the forum moderators say they do.. Learn some french and post that in the french forums

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Team WAKFU always do their best.

You’d better watch out. You can be hit by ban hammer of 7 days, because they can treat your words as public blaming.

Back in the days of WAKFU official discord existing, one of the devs once mentioned that they really do care for English speaking community and also said that if they don’t listen to you- you cannoy even make a thread for suggestions.

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As someone who likes the Final Fantasy franchise, I think the solution would be to use the Final Fantasy Tactics speed (initiative in this case) system where the faster characters start first and the slowest last, BUT everytime a unit uses an action it "loses" speed accordingly ("loses", because it isnt lost, just adapts), meaning that:

* If the fastest ally moved AND attacked in the same turn then it's next one will be delayed.

*If the ally just moved but didn't attack then it won't affect it that much. Same applies if it just attacked but didn't move.

*If a slow ally decides to pass it's turn then it received a speed boost meaning that it's next turn will come earlier.

It sounds abusable at first sight but it really isn't and works wonders on the Tactic games which have pretty  challenging fights. It enables the possibility to change turns and adapt to the battle if you plan ahead, new ways to play and, finally, give Initiative a more important role in the game. It would also break those rigid team compositions where certain clases must start the fight at specific turns otherwise the battle becomes imposible.

I'd recommend you guys to try the game and see it for yourself. It is a very strategic mechanic.

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Sounds a lot like Gunbound too..

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Bluhen|2019-08-13 15:30:20
*If the ally just moved but didn't attack then it won't affect it that much. Same applies if it just attacked but didn't move.

Wouldn't that make tanks and eliotropes OP since they don't have to move most of the time?
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In my opinion, that totally depends on the team and skill of the player. Against UBs and content from moon to zinit, I rarely see any character being static, even elios (despite of their infinite range thanks to their portals) have to be on every part of the map to move targets, avoid stuff and teleport behind the enemy to deal damage, same for Tanks in general seeing how punishing the end-game content is to Melee builds and the variety of states there are.

It would benefit anyone, but I don't think it would make them OP. Plus, that is just the concept, how it would be applied and adapted to Wakfu (an MMORPG) is other story.

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+1 to making it adjustable, it's weird that you can't do that. I think it needs another use as well. Xelor spells remove initiative even though it literally has 0 effect.

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