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By JonTurk - MEMBER - August 02, 2019, 11:47:24

yes i know, storyline of wakfu shows Kelba as a market place but In my opinion Ankama should change this market system.
After Nation update,Nation market boards still are dead,there are items in it but this items can be found in Kelba market and sometimes this system annoys me about checking kelba-nation-astrub market for  my solded items or searching an item.
In my idea;
Ankama should replace market board to request board in kelba.
Players use Astrub and Nation Market boards while selling-buying  their items.

HBags only be displayed in nation board area where player spotted last in front of market board area and a setting about hide my hbag or show my hbag to others.Player can access hbag at any place but without hbag display at this spot.

if a player wants to go in hbag with a friend while they re not in front of m.boards, friend will use pop up button by clickng left mbutton on player and it will be listed as follow,private chat,start friendly.,enter haven bag (if not hidden),at this point friend can buy items while they are in hbag by using diplay windws.

HBag  display window will not show any items when mouse over on a bag,instead of it,Hbag will show player level ,count of display windows and crafting tool icons.for example,if player has got 1 small dis. window, 1 misc and 1 consum disp. window ,it will show a bag icon and 3 on it. if player has got a handyman crafting tool,it can display the handyman icon. if possible like buying a item from hbags, Ankama should do a quick access to crafting tools when i use hbag's popup to use someone's crafting tools without entering their bag while infront of nation-astrub market board.
And request board of kelba,
Players will use this request board like market board but this board will display all items witout buying and selling,im about user interface.
Requester Player search an item name and select it and types a worth value for 1 amount of an item kind and pay the value.
exam. i needed 5 royal tofu feathers , i set worth as 500 each feather.i pay 2500 + (and some tax by worth after items are bought) to market before support. 
for requester(s),
if 3 feather is supported by seller(s)
3/5 x Royal Tofu feather 500 kama requested by jonturk [cancel request] +1000 kama
for Seller(s)
3/5x Royal Tofu feather 500 kama for 1 tofu feather requested by jonturk [accept request]
Seller(s) need to click 5 times or a textbox to type number-that can be faster than drag drop action.

Seller player comes here ,filter the items,if seller has got any requested item(s), accepts value and doesnt pay any taxes.
Requester(s) check their  item(s) and if it  is  supported ,they take their items from board and pay some taxes by worth value (it was 500 kama).if requester(s) has recieved 3 tofu items and 1000 kama back, requester(s) pay % tax for 1500 kama after items are recieved. 
If Requester has got 0  item(s) from this request,requester  takes their money back without tax payment. Requester(s) can cancel and take their money back anytime before request is completed.
Seller can not cancel the request action if it is done.
thats all for now i can edit ifg additional idea, tnx for reading

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