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Suggestion to have the market tax deducted for when the item is already sold!!

By akyl13 - MEMBER - August 02, 2019, 06:17:07

It's kinda frustrating to sell an item in market only to have it undercut by a few minutes after you put it on display. I think having the tax deducted only when the item is sold would help all the players right now and would encourage them to sell more items in the market. 

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Yep, quite a number of other MMORPGs that I play only deduct the kamas from the selling price of the item ONLY AFTER the item has been sold, which really helped to increase the number of items being listed on the market. No one wants to lose 500,000 kamas listing their item only to have it end up not being sold. I don't really understand why Wakfu's market tax system is like that, which hurts the players and the market itself (due to less number of listings). But then again, it's been like that for years................. oh come on, Ankama. 

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Oh please developer take a consideration on this please. [Although that may bring back somebody who keep items in market as a store with insane price...yeah just for limitless space storage]

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Just to point out the merits and demerits of current taxed market. Positive aspects are market with (+), neutral with (=) and negative with (-).
+ Removes market as storage place
+ Removes items at stupid high prices that are being put without the intent of actually selling (overcharge for only copy)
= Reduce overall price of things, since people place there with the intent to sell, or they lose money
- Reduces variety of items
- Reduces quantity of same items

Those things result in net losses to people that place high quantity of same items (like 3k stack of glue, for example), that place different variations of the same gear and people that got slightly undercut. This all pretty much is unfavourable for any sellers and affects buyers by reducing the number of things on market. On remington, the number of things on market were around halfed after tax update on heaven worlds.

 If you place a tax on sale instead of placing on market, like suggested here, you pretty much invert all those points:
+ Encourages sale of items without constant demand
+ Encourages sale of variations and quantity of items
+ Increases competition on market (Reduces the number of items with only one seller and removes net loss of undercutting, allowing "price wars")
= Increases prices slightly on low offer, since it's applied only on sale you dont need to attract the buyer as much, decreases prices on high offer
- Allows stupid high prices on market (both for storage and for overcharge for only copy on market)
- Allows market storage

Overall this second tax system encourages usage of market, being favourable to the seller by removing net losses and being nicer to buyer since it adds variety, competition and more items on market.
On the other hand this adds a slight problem that is market storage and insane prices on unique copies of things (that just wouldn’t be placed on market at all on the other system).
The effect of kama sink is not as clear: it reduces since there is no net losses, but it might increase since the market becomes more active and useful.

As a player, I would always pick the second tax system, since I benefit more from it. Taking into account the reduce in amount of players, I think the market is losing space and its role, I bet more people are using discord trade servers than market, which excludes people not on those circle. I think it’s also in the interest of the developers to make this change to encourage market. A market that is not used is no kama sink at all. Market is now the main kama sink of the game, but you shouldn't forget that it's supposed to be a market in the first place.

As for why this wasn’t brought in before, I can think of these two reasons:
- Lower kama inflation in the early game, meaning 5% wasn’t as impactful
- Heaven World with 0 tax, meaning no tax system at all for expensive stuff

I think high priced items will always be traded and sold outside of a taxed market, since that 5% becomes a big sum. I see that in the last update the name of the seller was removed from market, which makes it more difficult to find the seller and I quite don’t like that. I usually avoid buying stuff from 1 kama undercutters and sometimes I bargain directly with people, which now is kinda inviable. Anyway, this is not the main topic of this thread.

Anyhow Im not an economy expert, those things all came from my mind or other comments and there’s probably some flaws and more points that I didn’t catch.
I would thank any corrections or things to add here.
I hope to see this change in the game smile

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Good point there. Well, if everyone use discord/forum for trade directly, then no one going to use the market as main sale, which that would result not improve and reflect the average price for each items in long run. 

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Remington market goes from 10 000 item for sale To 3000  item 
and the nation market still contain 700 item

Everyone had stop selling for thé moment 

@exxo-turn impressiv comment, totaly agree

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I'm undecided about this, as it would give more life to the market but would also allow SPAM-storaging items as warehouse flooding the market list, as well as promoting the governor sudden trolling tax rate at 70%, which we already suffered before.

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 Current system also allows trolling, plus you can see when it's used as storage, just know the price is unfair.
I just realised a point in this that is removing 100 frags at the price of full relic xD

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please ankama , you have killed the economic aspect of your internationnal servers

only full team players can actually survive bcuz they dont need to use market (btw we are stocking too much item  and sell noone)

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so remington is dead now ?

i will wait the server merge to play

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