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Can we get a challenges rework?

By Barinade - MEMBER - July 27, 2019, 17:06:40

Our current challenge system is really outdated, you aren’t even guaranteed anything aside from exp. I think we would be more likely to do challenges and have more fun playing the game if we were guaranteed a drop reward. It would also make enchanting easier if we relied less on rng for material drops.

Imagine some of the old challenges and some new ones based on a difficulty and number of enemies in the group.

Then you would scroll over the challenge and you would see that you will definitely drop at least 1 rancid at the end of the fight, or if it’s a really hard challenge on high stasis in a boss room maybe you can get a guaranteed epic or something?

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>ANKAMA: bUtThE gAmE aLReAdY iNcLuDes MaNy dEtErMiniSTiC MeChAniSmS

but yeah it'd definitely give challenges the needed flair and importance back into the game again. I'd love to see new challenges and some old ones retired/rebalanced, namely some of the positioning ones that are hardly worth the effort in most later battles due to mob/boss mechanics.

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Great core idea, would be nice to see it in game, can turn into a way of fixing a bit of the extreme RNGs.

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Maybe they could make the drops an extra roll and show what you got from the challenenge, just like enutrof's bags?

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Second this, mostly because ultimate bosses give challenges which just arent doable (don't heal ally's, dont hit specific element etc). 

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