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[Experience -Suggestion] Dont try to increase sockets in first charges

By JonTurk - MEMBER - July 09, 2019, 17:00:57

My Experience and Reason :when new smagic system is on, i tried to test it on my alt hero gears as common-rare-myhts.
i sacrifed 4-5 of common and rare 70-110  lv dublicated gears in my inventory while increasing their sockets. 
Then few try, i noticed increasing a gear socket is not easy after you assigned its first sockets and i started to change progress priority. Here is my experience
first, change its color ,you have got 4 try at least,
second ,try change its socket count,you will see you wont sacrifice your second gear for dublicated gears to change their socket count otherwise you can sacrifice more than 2 gear for 1 gear.
btw ,increasing sockets from 3 to 4 is harder than 2 to 4.i can offer you that try gears with 2 sockets to make 4 sockets.

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