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Devs: Play your own game. Please.

By Karma-Monkey - MEMBER - July 06, 2019, 05:26:06

I thought people were overreacting early on when they made bold assumptions about the player-base jumping ship. Now I am one of those players. None of this should need spelling out, and it's certainly not going to be the first time anyone's tried, but the only plausible explanation I have for how this patch was allowed to exist, is there in the title.

I don't know that anyone who accepted Wakfu's demand to not just like it but love it, and put their soul on the table as such, is under the impression that the old system was "just not grindy enough". Some of them probably wanted more to work towards if they were one of an incredibly small minority that had actually found some kind of cap in stability, but the game had already pointed out that alternate builds, alternate characters, and a hopped up approach to every single level bracket was in vogue. Most of those things just died outright.

My soul has been on that table off and on since beta. Wakfu does many, many things well that most other games don't do at all. I loved it for that, and frankly I still do. Sacrier will probably remain my favorite class in a game ever, and team-building is hard to find at all, much less done well. I've looked to those things to save it for me over the course of many other increasingly difficult things to accept (forced-adjustment on UB's tied to half the major runes most memorably). I was, therefore, as much out of habit as anything else, prepared to attempt it again even as most of my gear converted to single-slot depression (publish the odds, seriously).

Throughout this whole stressful business leading up to the patch, the sublimations and the many (apparent) new possibilities were kind of my last holdout for a positive takeaway. So when I finally found the droprates for those that were in the game at all (under resources, for some reason), I lost my ability to convince myself this was going to be ok. Soul on the table or no, getting one is in "hope you didn't have any plans this month" territory (and we needed more rng?).

So in essence, we've overwritten and doubled down on committing years of your life to ever finishing anything meaningful (probably before we even address cannibalistic items) whether or not you did that already. Some people probably will. If anyone's still around 5 years from now, I hope you treat those people with more respect than everyone you just gave the finger for opting into your appalling standards and trusting you to give a shit.

Bad as this patch is, that bottom line hit even harder. So suppose I do accept this, and bend over backwards to figure out new builds (once external tools update that we need desperately to do that), make 15 more breastplates for my team just to get started, and pray to rngesus not to make me run the same dungeon another 35 times for a single sublimation. Suppose I do that. Do I trust Ankama not to [This part was edited because it was injurious. Please make sure to measure your words in the future and pay attention to our TOU.]
me over on the next patch? Maybe, but what about the next 4? 12? Of course I don't. I can't even trust them to proofread their translations or update a chart.

So in the end I'm just another angry forum nerd. I feel stupid for writing a pointless post but also resolved to do so anyway because I'm not ok with letting a game I gave this much of my life die without one final say. To everyone riding out the storm, best of luck. You're going to need it.

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I get to a point where I don't understand what Ankama has in mind anymore.. The old system was bad because it wasn't affordable, new to mid-game players couldn't rune their entire gears because they would run out of Kamas FAST and all that people wanted was to remove this dumb Kama requirement yet Ankama decides to make the system kama free but VERY GRINDY.. Recycling gears gives a very small amount of Shards to begin with, I think it should be, at least, 3x more than what we have now, I am DEAD SERIOUS, the RNG stuff is just awfull.. I ran some dungeons with a friend so he could craft for me a Legendary The Cap and, in the end, only got 1 rune slot, ONE.. Great.. WHy couldn't they just keep it consistent like the old system but just dropping the kama requirement that many people wanted? Why did they have to screw everything again? Answer: They WANT the game to be grindier so people have to spend more time doing these things and buying boosters.. If I didn't loved this game so much I would quit long ago and frankly if Ankama keeps this up I will be gone by next patch when they decide to screw with another thing.. They always does..

In a side note, a lot of changes just don't make any sense.. People be complaining that PvP Sacrier is too OP while PvE Sacrier is out-classed by Fecas and what Ankama do? Nerf the Sacrifice, one of the few spells that would consider someone picking a Sacrier for PvE instead of a Feca and let the PvP Sacrier untoched, like, What?! They also nerfed the Iop's combo so he doesn't get +2AP all the time but the main reason was because Iops were using Awakening Lv2 to restore the WP lost on doing this combo, which make sense, BUT then they just changed the whole system anyways so was this nerf necessary now that the system just changed?! None of these makes ANY SENSE

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let me sink that in, they nerfed an entire class making it even worse for an stupid sublimination or whatever thats called... that 95% of people playing will never see or use?. Ankama logic, im pissed.

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The sublimation need another grinding is so damn a lie, which they said available to everyone from level 1, but realize too some sublimation scroll only drop from Zinit boss only meh...

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RNG sublims would not be totaly worse if it doesnt need same type gears. None will sacrifice 2nd souvenir or relic gears for sublims. Ankama wanted  this gears unique by your sublim luck. Maybe they can create some tools instead of sacrifice other gears in future. You look negattve for new system but i feel new system can born new better systems for future because old system was abondoned by veterans. 

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Wakfu is a game that doesn't want to be played, run by Devs who only cares about their own satisfaction and not the player's.

They do what they think is best for Wakfu but not for the community, I wonder who they are trying to impress. It is like they put all the theory on patches without testing it at all by themselves. The same happened with Rogues.

I never expect anything from Ankama and yet they find a way to dissapoint.

The RNG is a desperated try to retain the player on a tedious grind. Very pathetic imo.

I dont care about the Eliopocalypse (or whatever weird name they choose for it), stop that and instead fix the base game and the Enchantment system according to what the players need. If they are a small staff then focus more on the real things.

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Bluhen|2019-07-06 22:15:47
Wakfu is a game that doesn't want to be played, run by Devs who only cares about their own satisfaction and not the player's.

I agree on this . I kinda see them as sadistic devs at this point.
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Lol, Ankama lied about April's Boss Smasher too. It was supposed to operate under the old system, but then they refused to hand out the rewards

The customer is ALWAYS right

Not difficult to take my money elsewhere

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