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[Suggestion] Currency Pouch

By Bluhen - MEMBER - July 05, 2019, 22:25:31

Hi everyone.

I'd like to suggest the creation of a new storage section, one that would gather all sorts of currency on a single place and be shard across the characters of the account. I suggest a: Currency Pouch.

1).- How does it work?

Everytime you get something classified as Currency, it would go straight to the interface and directly discounted from it in whenever you need it. In case of "Tradeable Currency" (e.g: Dust and Shards) it would be able to Withdraw them from the Pouch, this way it won't be locked on the account.

2).- What would you store/What would be considered as Currency?

  • Kamas
  • Dungeon Tokens
  • Seasonal/Event Tokens
  • Shards
  • Dust

In short, elements that are required to obtain items at Machines, claiming rewards and are intrinsic during the gameplay of any player (dust, shards and kamas).

3).- Is there a need for it?

Yes. Having a way to centralize all your character's Currency into a single interface would ease the game and make more enjoyable the completion of different activities. It is pretty much the same reason why we needed shared kamas across the characters: Versatility. 

It would make the Enchantment System more quick and easy to access (concerning to enchanting and powering-up sockets), Dungeon Tokens would go straight to a single pool and contribute to the same goal avoiding having "stucked" tokens and the creation of items would also be more flexible thanks to shared Dust.

That would be it, thanks for reading!

What are Stucked Tokens?

It is those "residues" that you end up getting after exchanging tokens or completing events. Tokens that, due to the small amount of them, can't be really used for anything if you don't have the necessary amount on your character, that is until the event comes again the next year (if it gets implemented again)

For example: I have 3 musical token on a character and 2 on the other, until the event comes again the next year, I won't be able to use those 5 tokens that I have in total to exchange it for an emote.
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