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ANKAMA PLEASE BRING BACK LV60 Hoodlum and Bandit Dungeons

By Mox-Jackal - MEMBER - July 02, 2019, 21:44:38

why are they only in the mines now, and why are they lv156 for hoodlums and lv140+ for bandits

why did you do this?
it alienated everything
all the content in the nations is so high level its frustrating.
Please at least allow players to pick the levels of a dungeon or something
this is just insane

so much content was removed, so many weapons items and resources
And mobs and dungeons

And all we get in its place, was high level nonsense
what about your levle 80-120 players
what about the lv60 wild goblands? each nation had those lands
those were perfect leveling grounds for lv60-80 now replaced with lv156-124 nightmare mobs

try attempting a fight with anything, and its all overpowered 

i get it, there are a bunch of high level players
but dont forget that there are still people who are not level 200

hoodlums, bandits, mines. why?
Please give a response or something

we should be able to choose between low - medium - and high levels of dungeons
60 - 100 - 150 perhaps, maybe that could offset this madness

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cant do any of the old content anymore because everything is literally 100 levels higher

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yeah.. hoodlum was like 60+ now 156
Treechnid was 70+ now 126

recommended level of any nation is 66-80 and 66-140.
cool, i think i liked it better when the higher level content was actual off in its own section instead of in the mid tier lands. lv105 trees, where do we even go anymore.

Bitsrouge? 156
Snaptrap 111
 taking lv40 dungeons up by 60+ levels. cool i guess

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Just because dungeons at your level are no longer in the nations does not mean they don't exist. If you look in the dungeon menu (default hotkey is "D") you can check out what dungeons are for your level and where to find them.

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you miss the point why i'am mad.
taking a dungeon and adding +100 levels to it
then removing mobs, and content for lower levels, it just stinks.

emblems are lv60. but now, hoodlums are lv156.
great, so is the hoodfella set which used to be about 70-80

there are some cool things they added, but this is just wack. just awful

i played the hoodlum/bandit dungeons the most
now i cant even go near them at all, its way out of my level league

bandits i farmed for lalove, like the only good method of getting them
and hoodlum, great loot, and emblems, and dungeon

i attempted to fight 1 hoodlum, and he deals 2759 damage.
its just insane. =[

and yeah, pressing D is pretty helpful, but just makes me mad still

both dungeons i played the most jumped up to lv156.
and not just that, but tons of my gear went up like 20 levels
so i lost my gear for many of my characters
and other gear, just got deleted. 

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Some dungeon redesign is fine, but one problem I did encounter difficulty is the Edible Stasisii that Hoodlum drop-able, whereby some pets gonna consume, after the Hoodlum up scale, the only way to obtain it is grind to Lv126, complete the Huppermage questline part 3 and access to the Villenya dungeon. It is tedious and annoying for whom get a pet that only eat this super-hard-to-get foods. sad

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they should have 2 variants of the bandit and hoodlum dungeons.
A lv66 bandit dungeon, and a lv88 hoodlum dungeon

the fact they boosted it all the way to 156, its mind boggling. 
low level content, raised to an extreme height
the enemies the mobs, the fights themselves are so dang hard
i can barely scrape by against 1. 

challenge is nice, but the level of difficulty at times in wakfu is NOT fun.

and wakfu can be fun, when it isnt so stressful
an enemy that has 12ap mp, that takes 4 of your ap, and deals 2000 damage a turn
plus he has 5000 resistances, and some other gimmics that just kind suck
like regenerating armor every turn [new treechnids]

i liked wakfu, i always did, but the side of the patches in it
it just feels like theres this cool stuff, but totally ruined by really poor design choices

the dungeon stasis system is a really great idea
but removing tons and tons of old content really got to me

i may be the only person who hates how they redid the nations to look so samey
all 4 are basically the same now, with a different coat of paint

at least before, each nation felt like its own thing
it wasnt perfect but they were their own. 

i'am just frustrated is all. cause i liked wakfu. 

Edible stasil and lalove are now out of my hands
you reminded me of that purple stuff, which is another reason i farmed hoodlums

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Did you even.. are now dungeons on all level ranges, and progression have become much easy and smoother than what used to be before.  pensive

And How does it becomes unplayable? You have more options to level up now to reach the potential to play those dungeons they way they are now. If you loved those dungeons that much, you would stop wining and start leveling up and dealing those at their current levels now. They are still the same old dungeos. After all, the main objective is to level up and do all contents around, if you love als then scale down and do them old ones again Isn't it the direction things are going on now? The next update will also make you stronger to deal with all these dungeons and mobs, So get on it. You can do it. fire
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easier and smoother, but thats not what i said.
they took 2 dungeons i loved, and crammed them up to level 156. 
making them unplayable. 

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So you're just sad that two dungeons you liked are no longer your level?
I can feel you, but don't start making some excuses like saying gear was destroyed, mobs are too hard and such.
You do understand why they did those changes in the first place?
Level 30-60 had like 8+ dungeons on each range, while level 170 had 3 and other level ranges had also small amounts.
They rebalanced the places to spread out the dungeons and get more content on most level ranges.

Yes, it feels sad, and thats worth complaining, why not keep both? They just didn't want to have two equal mobs, and they didn't wish to refactor whole art content for gear and mobs, since this takes a big load of work. Having two of a whole mob base and items is just extremely confusing for a ton of things, so they took off one, but kept all needs from the level range.

Sure, some gear disappeared, but old versions you had are still with you, unless you deleted it. They just don't drop anymore. They weren't destroyed or removed from your inventory. But there is a ton of new gears to pick from, with more options even at level 30-60.
Lalovelies and class emblems are also obtainable on their own way, they drop from different places and didn't disappear, so this point you made doesn't make any sense.

Class emblems can be obtainable on astrub inn, after beating a dungeon on ALS and lalovelies are abundant on calamar island.

Being crushed by high level mobs is obvious, they are higher leveled. It's like going to moon at level 50, yes you can go there, but why would you, apart from exploration? There are other places you can visit that are your own level, just check dungeon list to see level ranges and the places you can find those.

If mobs feel too hard on your own level, try gearing yourself. Everyclass can deal well anywhere till levels 140ish. Except maybe for rogue, but not entering this topic here.
But do expect mobs to outpower you if they are not on your level range, even more when there is a huge gap in levels.

Nations have different level ranges, they are no longer a place only for levels 20-60. We were all tired of finding gobballs and tofus there, while they were already on astrub. The content of nations were all too restricted to early game, so they spread it out to make nations more relevant.

Profession resources, like trees, minerals and such, can be found using profession panel, looking at crops and checking which areas those appear.

Please, do express that you are sad and you dislike those changes, but I see you commenting everywhere about this, it's tiring. You mention how these things are unfair and insane, which they are clearly not. Keep comments in topic, like in here. There are some points to address, like edible stasili, they are important small things that ankama has forgotten. But please do it here.

An yes, nations do kinda feel like a repaint of eachother...

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Good to see some similar thought, how about the "Celestial" series? It was not yet fully apply in game for each nation then already bye bye... I was earn for fight the Celestial Cwab in Sufo and Celestial Moogrr in Bonta, I was waiting till sudden all Celestial is gone :v

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Mox-Jackal|2019-07-04 17:24:43
Can you help me figure out where the quest is?
i see the mercenary board
Found the inn class emblem machine
but i dont know where the quest to get the class token is
most my main characters have their emblems
i used to run hoodlum a ton with and for my guild, before everyone quit

its a big mess in astrub, super cramped, i tried out a few of the quests
the hunters camp and the mercenary board
but the server i'am on is practically dead, its near impossible to find anyone

there are not really any new players, just lv200's pvping in the astrub center
thats kind of all anyone has ever done is pvp at the almanax temple or center
i tried asking around, but not much luck

the lalove stone problem was solved because of the calamar dungeon
drowning in those stones now. just needed the collectors ikiakit parts

if only the emerald and other one were as easy to get. just a ton of farming
-i noticed you get tons of XP if you get 2nd place in dungeons competitive rankings
like 8 million in 5th and 11 million in 2nd, it must be scaled or something

the wiki hasn't been updated in like 3-4 years.
most of everything in it is outdated or useless information now

Hi, for Class Emblem quest, you not need find any NPC to get it, it was automatic get when you after Lv.51, kindly press L for library log check Discovery section name: A well-deserved class emblem! 

It just need do the daily Modulox quest of course with ALS at the same time to complete it. 
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whats this als? 

-i found it, the quest is given by the blue guy in the chest/haven bag
-daily 6-50 quest, if you do it 1 time, it gives the token for free

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