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A single player version of wakfu?

By LSKPM - MEMBER - June 22, 2019, 02:33:57

Abandon hope all ye who enter here:
What if in a near/far future we could play wakfu in single player mode?

Mmorpgs are a troublesome genre and some of them end up being shut down. What if someday the amount of subscriptions are too low and wakfu get in risk of being discontinued? It would really be a shame to lose this awesome world. If the day comes that wakfu is in it's most critical state, how about relaunching the game as a single player version? Just add the possibility of using 6 characters in one instance of the game and done.

It doens't have to be an offline executable version, since changing wakfu from multiP to singleP probably would take a lot of work, so how about a private hosting of a server? I know Ark lets people do that, probably there are other games that let people do this. I mean, it's not that big difference of experience from playing wakfu nowadays isn't it?

Anyway, it's weekend in france and probably MODS ARE ASLEEP, POST EVA LEWDS. Or you can just post your opinion here, I would like to bump this again near monday so mods can at least aknowledge the idea. If the wakfu dev team is getting as small as it looks like in the last Ankama Live... I dunno, maybe you could think about it.

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if the game is about to die and need to shutdown of course i want a singleplayer mode, it will be amazing.

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this recent patch may have added some cool features
but really is a nail in the coffin
taking out so much content, and ruining tons of old stuff
dungeons that used to be at one level with up 100 levels
some enemies are not even fun to fight, their difficulty is insane
toads dude. muh toads were removed, for no reason
my favorite things in wakfu were taken out
like wow. 

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This actually a great Idea! Only when the game it no longer supported they definitely could do one last push creating a bunch of talking NPC and sure up the storylines and create a random generating market to give player use for kamas. Increase drop rates for a one-player game. Throw it up on Stream/and whatever current gen consoles/ and mobile phones.

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Hope that is not gonna happen, I love this game play with friends...

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my friends, my guild, my friends guilds
all dead.
50 man 100 man guilds, down to literally 1 or 2 people.
the game constantly crashes itself into the ground

its fun with a friend yeah, if they can bother to put up with all the nerfs
and overly difficult 1 sided enemies 

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They should just make a SA "full-team" mobile Waven.

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