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By serry1991 - MEMBER - June 17, 2019, 23:42:00

I don't know when but Wakfu had tok away the ability to buy ogrines via phone , in many different countries (like Hungary my country) Is there any way that they would bring it back to Wakfu? Cause a lot of students (or younger people) Like me and probably a lot more don't have a credit card to pay with and their parents might not want to pay for a videogame all the time. We had a chance to be able to buy things via phone where we could use our own pocket money to buy stuff for ourselves. But now i no longer am able to buy anything because i don't own a credit card and i can no longer buy things with phone. I really hope that they will bring this kind of purchase back to Wakfu so i would be able to buy things once more.(And not to mention would be able to support Wakfu once more even if it's not that much it's still money)

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