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How Ankama can Make more money: Weekend/Monthly Special Shop Items

By Geneforge - MEMBER - June 12, 2019, 10:26:30

I can appreciate wanting to keep costumes and special emotes rare so you can throw them in loot boxes and hope the playerbase feverishly spend all their money trying to get the one item/costume/pet/etc they want. I can even understand making small windows for their purchase to incentivize players to buy them NOW instead of waiting for a cheaper deal later down the line. However, there is a flaw to both of these: 

People might WANT to buy your special costumes/pets/etc, but simply don't have the money to spend at that moment!

Having all these Once-and-done sales can put off some of your customers. Customization is both important to feeling better about your character and playing the game in your unique way. So, I have a suggestion that might appeal to both parties:

Have one weekend of the month (or specific date, the actual time is more or less irrelevant) where you randomly select a combination of costumes, pets and other goodies (That aren't event exclusive, like the Wakfu backing rewards) and throw them into the shop for a few days. I'm not going to pretend how difficult or easy it is to set up a rotating online store page with a few constantly changing items, but it's surely worth the effort if it gets you more customers, right? Not only does this save you time (not having to constantly make NEW outfits, simply resell popular or greatly desired items from the past), it also allows you to make more money with less effort than a new product people might not like! There are plenty of players, myself included, who took a break from the game for various reasons (Real life issues, burn out, etc) and ended up missing out on a sale we would have gladly thrown our wallets at.

This same general idea has been used to great effect in games like Warframe, where previously rare and premium goodies are resold once every month so newer players and those who missed out get a chance to buy something they really wanted.

Tl;dr - If you put some of the god pack costumes in the store again, I would literally throw 20 USD at my screen just for one of them. Yes. I said COSTUME. Not PACK. I want a set of pixels badly enough to spend the money needed to buy a new indie game to acquire it. Now imagine doing this once a month. fire

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I totally agree with this.

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throw hupper and sac costume and i would gladly throw my credit card

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