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Enchantment suggestion and a new job: Enchanter

By Bluhen - MEMBER - May 20, 2019, 18:36:07
Before starting: I wanted to open this thread as some sort of Debate, that's why I opened it on the General Discussions Forum. If a Moderator thinks that it would fit the Suggestion forum more then feel free to move it and sorry for the problems.

Hi everyone!

I'm a player since the first Beta came out, I really like this game and love how it have been growing since then.

I know this might sound a bit too rushed but I want to open this thread to give a suggestion to the Alpha concept of the upcoming system: Enchantment.

What I want to do with this is: Make the system more immersive through a new job, reduce the RNG and change it with safe farming, add a new way to get money and progressively discover things are our character grows. You might see some ideas from the Feedback given by other players on the forum concerning to the system.

Let's get to it.

1.- Enchanter Job

I really like the concept of Enchanting, along with Herblore/Alchemist is one of my favorite aspects of every MMO. That being said, I think an Enchanter Job would be ideal and give the player a more immersive experience.

This job would be leveled up by studying items (destroying them) and enchanting others. As the job levels up the player gets access to learn variations of the Sublimations (Ruin I -> Ruin II) along with passive traits such as:
  • Reduced amount of Magic Shards when improving an item (from 1% to 10% from level 1 to 125)
  • Chance to save some ressources when applying a Sublimation to an item (random save)
  • Increased quantity of Magic Shards gotten when destroying an item (from 1% to 10% from level 1 to 125)

That's the base idea for the Job. This would also open possibilities to new things such as UB Sublimations: Scrolls dropped by Uber Bosses containing a Sublimation related to the monster, to read the scroll and apply it you'd need the right Enchanter Level thus making the Job more rewarding as it progresses, similar to what happens with Documents right now. This special effects would only be applied to powerful items that can control their powers: Relics and Epics (according to level-ranges)

This would turn the Enchantment system in an Experience rather than a Mechanic based on RNG.

2.- Sublimations

Instead of dropping them, Sublimations would now have a chance to appear on an item after you identify it and can be learnt by Destroying such item. Once learnt, a new recipe will appear on the Enchanter Job Interface where you can see the required materials that you need to apply it. This way we would have more control over how and when we apply them, reduce the randomness of them and keeping the "destroy" factor of the Alpha.

This way identifying items would be a bet worth taking and destroying them would be a one-time investment, one that will improve your character and let you have an additional way to earn money too through knowledge.

Note: I suggest a the "Destroy" mechanic to keep the idea from the Alpha and take items out of the market (plus making money of of them), but dropping Sublimation Scrolls would be good too and would have synergy with the Enchanter Job.

3.- Enchantments (dodge, heals, resis...)

Keep them as they are. 

3.1.- How do we Roll Enchantments?

The Enchanter Job let's you create a new item: Enchanting Hammers (ex: Smithmagic hammers). This item will let you roll certain aspects of the item, similar to what Transmutations do when rolling for the elements of something.

4.- Balance

As the level and rarity of an item increases, the chances of discovering a Sublimation will increase. This is to avoid finding them on low-level items only and not decrease the importance of Legendary/Epic/Relic items.

Just as a personal suggestion (please don't judge the whole suggestion based on this sentence): I think that some Sublimations should be restricted to certain items to avoid 1 Hit k.o/inmortal builds.

  • The RNG is kept but lowered and standarized through the use of a single item that will be applicable to every item.
  • The Destroying mechanic is kept and given a new purpouse: learn.
  • More immersion
  • A more dynamic way to power-up our character.
  • Use what we already have: Documents, Jobs, passive traits for jobs (we can already decrease the time needed to gather for example)

All of this to improve and maybe fix some holes that the new Alpha concept of the system has. Once of the things that I like most about games are Immersion and fun. Having a system that let's you progress, discover new functions and get rewards based on your effort is something that I believe will appeal to many players who are kind of annoyed by the concept of the RNG. An Enchanter Job would be, in my opinion, ideal while having a more safe way to choose what we want and need.

Thanks for reading!
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Character progression should be linear, workable, based on time / effort put into it. Not RNG / Luck based, we've seen what Gacha / Loot Box does to the gaming industry, so let's not go that route. That's my two cents.

  • Keep the new enchantment system (shards, slot shape, sublimation), but remove any RNG rolls all together (slot numbers, slot shapes, slot orders).
  • All newly identified items comes with one slot (circle), and can be upgraded up to 4 slots at an Enchanter Smith for a price (New NPC, New Kama Sink system to replace old system).
  • Slot Order and Shapes can be manually adjust for a price at Enchanter Smith (New NPC, New Kama Sink system to replace old system).

- Reg
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With the changes, you have the guarantee that your item will never be worse, hence making it non-linear but workeable! You're not guaranteed to have it better though, unless you put in enough items.

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I think this is the best idea I've seen so far.

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RNG is goig to be the last drop I need to quit. I agree with Reg3e.

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