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what do people need ?

By fezfvb41 - MEMBER - May 19, 2019, 08:47:16

As much as i enjoy this game theres no denial that it have its imperfections ,and the forum is only a place where we  come to make it better . . i started about 8 months ago playing this game ive been planing to talk about this for sometime now  . me and a group of people were collecting data from new players / comming back players /some old players  on how to make their experience better  and this is what we got :
(order by most mentioned)

-PvP systemsadevery body talks about this already)

-more power to the governors/government: wakfu is a sandbox game or it was , many people think that the current governor "job" is kinda dull. (not many have an idea on how it is suppose to be ) but we can all agree that it need somethning

- guild system : the guilds in wakfu inless u have a heaven world the guild will become if active a substitute group finder /chat lobby with bonuses what many people expected from guiilds in here was  (GvG . alliance system.or maybe a dofus like a system). one other point is that the guilds in here are so easy to make and that wont make 
mmore active guilds (number of players)/number of guilds . its at the point that guilds are mass produced die in a month some only to keep stuff and alt in 

-maps Kinda : this is the least mentioned , the maps in wakfu (post-nation) .the nation update was a good one it was a refraichement that the whole community needed it .but the players that came after the update were a bit in a weird place . supposedly many loved exploring but with the nation update the maps seemed to be so limited and the easy teleportation is not helping it ( giving us the illusion of a big map )

-sidequests:what will u do when u have nothing to do in an Mmo ? do some sidequests / repetitive quests , but sadly not in here , many times my self i find nothing to do ,well theres achievments (they dont feel like quests somehow) . also sidequests are a better way to make people experience the universe with lore hints here and there smile .and more contacts with npcs that theres not much of them 

well that was most of it . somepeople even mentioned that the lvling was is too easy . pet upgrading system 
thank u for reading this and have a good day smile

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"somepeople even mentioned that the lvling was is too easy" try to level from 190 to 200... About the other things, I could say that I agree.

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Compared to original Wakfu during the Level 200 Cap race, it has gotten significantly easier since, with all the environment quest, easier high stasis dungeon with more rewards and exp, more exp% from booster and alike.

There's plenty of existing willing end game players to ask help from (compared to the first batch of Level 200 pioneers who didn't have any outside help).

Same goes for Dungeons and Ultimate Boss, Frontline players spent days, weeks, even months for figure out the mechanics after failing over hundreds of time, but newer player just came asking for free guide without putting any effort. But when they got turned down, they'll start whining game too hard, or end game players are selfish, or no party or anyone to carry them.

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I just want the class changes to start rolling again. I miss the hype.

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What do I want in this game:

-more power to the governors/government: give personal bonuses for government members, according to their role, example: general - DI/res, ecologist - high chance of planting/harvest quantity, governor - a little bit of everything, etc.

- guild system: guild alliances, more chests, also need stasis bomb for extermination forgotten plantings (like a bomb vs mobs)

-in-game mail which allow players to send messages and parcels to each other (because different time zones sometimes become a problem)

-new rewards in the almanax machine, actual for old high-level players

-common tokens for all characters on one account

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