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[Suggestion] Fight Back Mechanic (Turns when you are alone in PvE)

By Bluhen - MEMBER - May 17, 2019, 18:21:25

Hi everyone.

I want to suggest a sublte change to how Turns are determined when you are fighting alone against a big group of monsters, a "Fight Back" Mechanic. 

How does it work? When you are alone and Outnumbered in PvE, the system changes the order of the turns letting you to play right after a monster.

What happens right now: You usually start first and have to wait patiently to play again after all the monsters have made their actions.

Example (1 Sadida vs 3 Badgers):

  1. Sadida
  2. Badgeroxxor
  3. Beardger
  4. Badgerage
  5. Sadida

And so on.

What I suggest: You can play in-between the monsters turn.

Example: (1 Sadida vs 3 Badgers)
  1. Sadida
  2. Badgeroxxor
  3. Sadida
  4. Beardger
  5. Sadida
  6. Badgerage
  7. Sadida

Note: If the monster summons something, you can't play between the summoner and the creature.

This way we would have a chance to fight back on an unequal fight, be able to compensate lack of allies with Strategy and Tactic and take on bigger groups of enemies by yourself. Also this would make the fight more interesting and offer the player a challenging fight.

I want to clarify that it will always  be faster and more safe to fight with allies, you will have more diversity of actions and the chances of succed are higher, but this way you would be able to do more things by yourself in those moments where, for example, you can't find group or you play in a different schedule (?) than the rest of the players (e.g: past midnight). Of course it depends on how good you move on the battlefield or if you are equipped with the right items.

Thanks for reading!

P.S: I suggested it just for a 1 vs X  fight to give lonely players (or players that are looking for a challenge) a chance to win when being outnumbered. I'm not sure if this would work of be balanced on a team of 2+.
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