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Blueprints: drop chance

By FILIN-DM - MEMBER - May 14, 2019, 13:02:47

After reworking nations and changing families of monsters, all the added blueprints for new items got an extremely low chance of drop, which is equal to 0,01% :

Full blueprints list:
"Ivory Cape" Blueprint 
"Tree Hat" Blueprint 
"Imperial Treechnid Ring" Blueprint 
"Pyrotech Belt" Blueprint 
"Fan Belt" Blueprint 
"Horned Club" Blueprint 
"Rags" Blueprint 
"Imperial Treechnid Amulet" Blueprint 
"Greedopaulettes" Blueprint 
"Broken Sword" Blueprint 
"Stalagcape" Blueprint 
"Golden Rhizome" Blueprint 
"Demolisword" Blueprint 
"Puddlific" Blueprint 
"Treechnidis Vivitus" Blueprint 
"Greedulet" Blueprint 
"Elite Riktus Sword" Blueprint 
"Giant Stalagmite" Blueprint 
"Spite Dagger" Blueprint 
"Club of Kings" Blueprint 
"Imperial Puddly Hat" Blueprint 
"Ivory Boots" Blueprint 
"Ivory Necklace" Blueprint 
"Ivory Zorpaulettes" Blueprint 
"Shieldovore" Blueprint 
"Greedoplate" Blueprint 
"Elite Riktus Bow" Blueprint 
"Celestial Brooch" Blueprint 
"Tot' Belt" Blueprint 
"Midnight Hand" Blueprint
"Sinistring" Blueprint

All other blueprints have a higher chance of drop, which ranges from 0.05% to 0.5%. A couple of screens for example:

Thus, new blueprints have such a chance of drop as a full relic or bumsack. New items are really awesome, but not so much that the recipes needed for their craft were so rare. When look at these percentages, there is an unpleasant suspicion that they were specified completely thoughtlessly, at random, or in a hurry.

I really hope that dear developers will pay attention to my post and fix this annoying mistake. Please, increase the chance of drop blueprints to a more “realistic”, otherwise very few players will be able to enjoy these items.

Thank you for your attention.
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Good catch.

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Its way too low. Please increase this values. Some of this blueprints (if not all) drop from archmonsters and they have a limit timespan, so it is even worse.

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And when the recipe is only drop from environment horde quest within 30 min... Crazy. 

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I do not agree with the fact that my topic was moved from the section "Technical Issues & Bugs" to "Advanced gameplay", because I am sure that everything I described is exactly a technical issue and bug. What was the point to add new items if the chance of getting them so fatal low, since they are not OP relics/epics. 

But the moderators of course know better <_< .

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Not everything you don't understand is a bug

Even though I see this topic more as a suggestion

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Maybe those are supposed to be rarer?

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bump for tot belt, I've been farming these mobs for days and didn't drop not even one unwanted recipe

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