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Suggestion to prioritize Wakfu coliseum development

By akyl13 - MEMBER - May 04, 2019, 18:34:38

We need pvp! similar to Dofus as soon as possible! 
I know the player community is working hard to create these pvp events for co-players but it's still quite off and often times it's hardly a balanced match and varying time zones is quite troublesome for alot of players still. 
If Ankama does make a wakfu coliseum I'm sure they can gather plenty of data to balance each classes as well and maybe even have an esport. 

Activities had just been quite repetitive so far specially for high level players and difficult dungeons and way too many complicated mob mechanics just ain't helping it. Grinding endgame gears and then the next update just let players do another grind their's just no end. We need to enjoy and test things that we actually grind in the game with and against other players with a click of button anytime. 

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Just play Dofus?

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Well this game is pretty much more balanced in terms of gears because of the fix stats it gives compare to dofus but class aren't much so this pvp system will help them gather data much faster for class balancing in the future. Also graphics is much better and animation is much more fluid so I think this game has more potential with a PVP system than in Dofus. Plus a wakfu coliseum suggestion was one of the top thread and top voted on the 2019 expectations when ankama ask for players in forums so why can't they prioritize that when most players were already asking for it? 

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I'd rather have an improvement in the Political aspect of the game and Battlefields rather than a copy&paste from Dofus.

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Coliseum sounds like a wonderful idea.

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I think there is a bigger problem behind the current PvP system.
The battlefields are a very good idea, but right now (al least in Remington) only 2 level range are very populated: lvl 80 and lvl 200. For the other level range, sometimes noone showed up (and I'm not talking about weird server time).
I think the bigger problem behind the current PvP system is that the ALS didn't work as intended. I mean even that the rewards are very good, just very few people use it. Why? Maybe it's just too muddled and chaotic.
Using a full set, a page of characteristic and spell is too much for every level range.
Maybe we just need a simpler thing, a system that lower your characteristics according to the current set you are wearing. So, a melee char with the automatic build will still be a melee char, a healer will still be a healer and so on.

PS: sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.

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yeah exactly like who would want to invest on lower lvl sets again just to do lower lvl pvp properly. Just a percent deduction from our current stats with our current gear could work just fine. 

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Devs stated that creating interserver pvp would be too much work for them to handle (small team). Pvp revamp was announced for 2020.

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akyl13|2019-05-05 13:53:02
yeah exactly like who would want to invest on lower lvl sets again just to do lower lvl pvp properly. Just a percent deduction from our current stats with our current gear could work just fine. 

Well I did that ... then they made dungeons easier and I lost interest and quit (not for PVP but still).
Yesterday I logged for first time in a long time and it turned out all dungeons are now accessible at Stasis 50.
So yeah that's a feature I will never use even if I stick to the game at all

As to the coliseum idea ...
An area that is accessible across all servers with forbidden trading (cuz that will bring a lot of problems) aka Bigger Eca that is linked across servers.
Sounds Awesome

but if you mean linking those prisms ... I don't really give a crap about those

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