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[Suggestion] Mining and Fishing improvement

By Bluhen - MEMBER - May 02, 2019, 17:06:55

Hi everyone.

I want ot suggest a kind of subtle change to both jobs on how ressources are gathered, a change to that I think will reduce the competitivity inside mines, theft of special ressources and give more oportunity to every player to gather in peace. A change that would use the "stages" mechanic that we already have in the game and add a new way to gather rare ressources.

I suggest the addition of "Stages" to the Fish and Minerals. Simply put, this ressources would now work the same as Flowers and Trees being able to harvest them more than once before depleting the node. So, every time you gather from one, a new ressource of the same kind is RNG'ed which can be a normal or a rare one.

Let's see an example using the Miner Job:

-Find a rock and start gathering-

  • 1st harvest: 3 Obsidian
  • 2nd harvest: 4 Obsidian
  • 3rd harvest: 2 Obsidian
  • 4th harvest: 3 Iridiscent Obsidian
  • 5th harvest: 1 Obsidian
-Rock Depleted-
-Move to the next one-

(All of this occurs on a single Rock). 

One of the biggest benefits of this system is that it virtually multiplies the amount of ressources on every zone by 5 (assuming that each node can be gathered 5 times) without having to physically add more rocks/fishes. This would also increase the amount of time a player spends on a node, reducing the competition for ressources and, since the Rare ressources are RNG'd after each gatheting attempt, would reduce considerably the theft of special ressources, an important issue that many miners and fishers have to deal with daily.

Thanks for reading!

Note: Everything can be balanced adding the right conditions and %, if the spawn% of a special ressource is maintained then the item will still keep it's "rare" condition.
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I am tired of having to worry always if you are trying to farm rare fish or ores that somebody just follows your route to gather only the rare ones and let you just do the whole work without any progress.
So +1
Even if it get modified, just that you really have to farm on the ores/fish to get the rare ones would be an improvement.

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Cool idea~

By the way, if let said the ore node is randomly spawn from available ore nodes, then when you find one it was like fateful encounter depend individual lucky which mean the theft no getting a chance anymore~ 

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This would devaluate the ores and therefore the value of many recipes and equipment that use ores.

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If anything, it would lower them not really that much and would only affect normal ressources (because now we would be able to gather more). As I said if the spawn% of the rare ones is maintained or adjusted then it should keep its "rare" condition. And even if the price got reduced, you would still be able to compensate it with quantity.

In my opinion, having a better game experience at the cost of some kamas is totally worth it. I really think it would lower the complains, reduce theft and make both jobs more enjoyable.

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I probably would double the interactions. Gathering 2 times in most cases a ressource, so a rock, and have a low chance like 20% chances of being able to gather again and then 2% of a 3rd chances. Each time you get higher chances to get a rare ressources but not a very notable one, just a bit higher.

Lets say its 7%, the second one would be 8 and the last one 10 for exemple.
(or 0% first nodes? Why not!? 0%-5%-10%...oh well biggrin)

I do like this idea as it gives a "soul" to miners. Having a unique interaction like this would give a different perception of doing things like trying to find nodes that are closers to one another instead of just having a fast mount for exemple.

Your idea as it's described would probably give a massive increase in mineral ressouces accessibility wich I doubt would be a good thing in the end. So, I would ask you to clarify your need to change the current system to yours. If its just a plain increase in minerals, then I don't think it would be a good thing. I guess you could increase harvesting time ... but I'm not sure it would be more pleasant to farm then. But prehaps it would.

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The need to change the system comes from the fact that Miner and Fisher are not friendly jobs. In the words of others players, both jobs are highly competitive (in the toxic way), tedious and irritating when it comes to gathering rare ressources which, also, can be easily stolen since they aren't protected for a set amount of time as Flowers and Trees.

Using Miner as example, many minerals such as the Frozen Garnet, Zircon, Sryanide, Titanium and Wholesome Zinc (among others) can only be found on a single area in not so big quantities. If we also add the slow respawn, the low chances to obtain rare ressources and how your exp/ressources per hour decreases when another miner appears, just makes the whole experience a not pleasent one.

The way I see it, the best bet is to increase the amount of nodes available in the area OR increase the amount of gathering attempts per node. For me, it the later would be better since it wouldn't visually collapse the zone too much, it uses a mechanic known by the game, it would increase the time spent by the player at the nodes giving time to the others to respawn, the other players would interfere less in each other's progress and would make the experience a more relaxing one. 

There is an upcoming serve merge too, if there are already issues with both jobs then with an increase of the population the problem would get even worse if the 20% increases respawn rate of ressources doesn't solve the problem

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