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What are your hopes for Wakfu?

By Cecet01 - MEMBER - April 13, 2019, 19:12:56

Do you think this game has a future? If so what do you think will become of it? 

Personally I am losing faith in this game and it's kind of depressing me. I just want to hear if others out there are hopeful so that maybe I won't feel so down about it. I made this post in a groggy state so sorry if it's not a good post. Just one of those days I guess.

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why did you create this topic if you wont tell your ideas first?

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I just want to hear other people's thoughts because honestly I am losing faith in this game. I am hoping others out there are still holding out but I wonder.... you know?

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Not really, sure the updates are glacial, but look at what kind of horrible mess this game was when it came out and how much they fixed it in the last 2 years! Wakfu has improved a lot.

Sure Ankama sucks at advertising their games, but the remaining fanbase is quite devoted and any new fans will have a much better time starting the game then 2 years ago (and even better then 8 years ago, first 50 levels used to be a mess back then) so there's a better chance of them staying in the game.

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I can't say much yet since I have not been playing for very long just yet, however I have found the levels and quest up to Level 50 fairly enjoyable and not too hard to complete even playing with only an Astrub Knight as my help. I haven't gone beyond that purely because of the reason that the content at least dungeon-side is made for six players if they are played at their intended level, since I do not have anyone to play with right now. But that's not a matter for this thread.

All I personally could think of right now in terms of Wakfu's future is that I hope they do not ever bring any level-based "solo" content into the game in form of quests where no one, not even sidekicks, can help you in combat, or if they do, at least balance them properly. Dofus has plenty of those kinds of quests and fights and I can count the ones that were actually enjoyable on one hand. If there is some already I'll try to keep an open mind for it.
I could perhaps wish for an adaptable number of enemies in dungeons similar to Dofus if you choose to have it that way if you're playing by yourself. Fighting 6+ enemies all alone simply(or with a sidekick) because the game doesn't really have any working group-finding system for dungeons is a bit meh. And I don't really like to go to places to ask where I don't feel like asking for a dungeon group is appropriate. But I don't really expect that to happen. It wouldn't have to if the group finder was usable and understandable...

Personally, I just hope it's going to keep going(the game). I found it overall more enjoyable overall than Dofus andas I stated before, the only reason I haven't gone beyond Level 50 stuff is due to me not really having anyone to play with.

Oh, and to be clear : I definitely don't mind if something's difficult. But there is a limit where it starts to get more frustrating than fun for me, though I have not yet found that limit in Wakfu for content which can be/is intended to be played with a smaller group or solo.

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if you really care my idea, 
1- i like chess and Turn based games
2- i dont like Turn base card games
3-Developers have done a lots of changes for a year. i really cant tell that "about im dissapointed about developers". they did their job very well and 
4-im happy game is not easy as players guessed and some new players may not like this hardness of game. 
5- i am only disappointed;
about 1 month prizes of DLCs but dont think i have never bought a dlc,i bought 2 dlcs and their prices are equal stardew valley and prison archtech.i would continue to support game but when i learned dlcs are once tto be bought,i cudnt.Because new dlcs are double prize and 15  days when you matched dlcs. btw i have bought dlcs for mineral tower to complete a group.None wants to enter this dung and i cantcomplete it without 2 heroes either.
we are players, we dont pay "the game" ,we just loan the hero slots and taking boosts for exp. or resources are only easy side of game which i dont need it and when your classes  reached level155 up, dungeons will be hardest to complete even + your 2 heroes. some players may not want to return back and replay similar dungeons over and over again,and they will be bored from game quickly.In my opinion,Players with booster dont want to play the game if they cant buy next booster.guessing This is reality.

my region prizes are really expensive when you added other bills and ofcourse im not sure what do you think about prizes ? but i can keep support if prizes  are off %50 for dlcs every month
6-about this new updates, 
126 and up dungeons  are really harder for players with single hero  who like to run dung to dung like me and new rogue updates which is my main hero has got broken gameplay system and unbalanced combat style between 3 elements even 2 elements and plus "game bugs against mobs".when matching rogue and close combat classes just asking "why ankama?" forced me for fire air rogue ?? and why "(bomb) area based" class in people mind has got single spells for its 2 elements?? why earth-area based rogue cant steal hp?? what is the advantages specialities of bombs when all mobs have got 6-15 mp and distance attacks even if ankama doesnt care PVPs while creating classes(this was some players idea)??  
ireally like to beat ranking records but it is really hardest to me right now maybe imposibble and rotate system skicks are really weak to help me and all these impossibilities force me to seek people for dungs or to update my gears by profession or to quit from game and now my all characters are above 155.156 up dungeons are imposible without a group and i really cant seek people to join me allday or we should be silent and in patience and wait the Developers to play the game when it is in fit.

BTW if you are bored ,it is all about there is no pvp action. "except bf" 
 i have suggested that group pvp system will be fun when you learned losing is not everything. if you have got all items gears,etc. and when you have nt got any point for your nations, you will be double bored.

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I hope :

  • The "membership" aspect of the game is delivered through DLCs which include optional islands with new content but don't give the player an enormous advantage. Maybe new jobs and emotes, as long as your BP is active you can create those items but it isnt required to equip them or sell them.
  • Dont hide the end-game and the main story of the game behind a pay-wall. The Main Story should be the thing that keep the player interested, is the main hook, seeing how later you need to pay to continue is really frustating to many.
  • Listen more to the players and put more effort to fulfill their expectations. The hair update was a good example on how NOT to do it.
  • Improve the Customer Support. People can't be waiting months for an answer, some of them have even got an answer after 1 year they submited the issue which adds salt to the injury.
  • Improve the interfaces. We need more control over them, they feel to rigid.
  • Don't make a copy&paste out of everything. It is really dissapointing and a big turn-off (?) When we are requested to do the same from level 1 to 200, specially on quests.
  • Create a good fidelization system that motivates the player to keep going. The new discount thing is a good start, but we need more.
  • Improve the sidekicks. They will never EVER replace the Heroes, so dont be afraid to improve them.

They need to stop a moment, breath, analyze priorities and take their time to make the best out of every update and when they can really say "ok, we did everything we could, lets release this thing" release it.

This game is Awesome, Wakfu is a diamond that needs to be polished and its pretty unique. Focus on it.
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Basically this reply. It was beautiful.

With my added sole opinion that needs to be said: For them to care about the game they created again or recruit fans/long term players to help on further developing the game or keeping it going. I would put my heart, soul and all my time even if it means overtime into working on this game because I am so passionate about it even if most of my posts as of late has seemed very gloomy, it's only because i am frustrated at the Dev's etc. I have no experience however and I understand and can imagine further complications of ever considering recruiting fans/long term players. I just wish someone who could continue to see the beauty in this incredible game would be there to work on it instead of the current ones who grew tired of it and is trying to move on to 'bigger and better things' even though the best is right in front of them... suck it up, some of us wish we had the oppertunities to work for/on or with this game, like you do.

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i hope merge happens this decade

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I love this game, though most of my friends have quit and i find myself playing alone a majority of the time. My hope is that ankama improves the pvp system which would hopefully bring back some old players and keep newer ones playing.

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I hope Boss smasher not become a nightmare... Old one is better?

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Well i hope they give more xp for dungeons. Since the nerfed the xp now, so unless I am looking for an item I might as well just fight mobs. I wish they would finish all questlines. Found a second unfinshed questline yesterday. And two that break when you try and do them while in a group. It would be nice if they fixed the group search function. Or maybe aside from the statis nerf difficultly a little depending on how many members the group is short for lvl 100+ dungeons but not affect the rewards. That way it is possible for those that can't find people to play with to still complete them. I also wish they would fix some of the character class skills which are pointless currently and get someone who speaks english as a first language to fix the translations and spelling. I am sure there is more I wished that they would fix or adjust. But think this is enough for now.
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