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Why can't we mimi rings, amulets or belts?

By Shenbatu - MEMBER - March 31, 2019, 11:49:01

This is something I have been wondering when designing my outfits. For certain items we can't mimisymbic them, which is a shame because oftentimes the icons used for jewelry and belts are pretty ugly and don't match the outfit well. Yes, people won't see our inventory page unless we share screenshots, but this is still something that is kind of annoying. 

Please, Ankama, take more of our money (buying mimisymbics from shop) and allow us to change the appearance of our jewelry and belts. After all, we can mimisymbic daggers (which aren't visible), so why not the other stuff?

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Personally, looks are for others to see them. If only I can see the item changed, there is little point in my opinion. It's like buying expensive brand underwears for nobody else to see them except yourself. At least daggers are visible when used in battle, which doesn't happen too often either.

Maybe if they added visuals for amulets, rings and belts...

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Why can we drop cosmetic belts, rings and amulets (gear with no stats) from reward boxes then?

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My thoughts exactly.. I got a lot of amulets from the boxes.. but I guess nobody will want to buy them? Best to just crush them?

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You can exchange them in astrub tavern for stasis shards (used in a reciepe for pouch of epic and relic runes -> valuable).

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