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Class early gameplay representativeness

By cody5 - MEMBER - March 22, 2019, 13:19:43

Most classes are fun to play, but certain classes really struggle in the early levels, because they unlock a certain spell or passive at a later lvl, which makes their early gameplay completely different from the later levels, making new players not enjoy them or even quit before they even get the option to play normally.

This is why I think all classes should have their spells swapped around so you can actually play the game with the first few spells you unlock (at least at lvl 10).

Charging conundrums:

Ouguinak: Their whole class identity is spells that consume WP and then transforming to regain WP, but guess what, some wiseguy put all their transformation spells as the LAST 3 SPELLS YOU UNLOCK. This means they cannot even fight normally with their WP spells until lvl 21.

Sram: The first spell that consumes your weak point is unlocked at lvl 21.

Osamodas: Animal link (passive) that improves animal link (spell, yes it's confusing) is learned at lvl 20.
The spell it improves is learned at lvl 45.
Confused yet?
Animal synergy (passive) is learned at lvl 60. It improves Animal synergy (spell again) that you you learn at lvl 90.

Enutrof: The first spell that uses treasures is unlocked at lvl 19.

Iop: Hour of glory, the only spell that consumes Slugger and Shock you get from your earth and air spells respectively since lvl 1 is only unlocked at lvl 60.

Cra: Certain elemental spells inflict debuffs if you have Biting. The only spell that gives you biting is unlocked at lvl 60.

Pandawa: Was able to hold the barrel 10 levels before you learn to drop it, locking you into earth spells for the rest of the fight, was thankfully fixed by making you unable to pick up a barrel if you cannot drop it.

Thematic troubles:

Osamodas: The 2 most useful spells for positioning your summon are only unlocked at lvl 21 and 23.

Eniripsa: As the most support orientated class and the designated healer, you don't unlock your famous revival spell Eniraser until lvl 60. For contrast a xelor learns it at lvl 30.

Branching blunders:

Xelor: The mechanism specialist passive is only unlocked at lvl 90, so that means your summons will be underwhelming for 90 levels of gameplay (an even after you get the passive they aren't that much better because the enemies outscale them).
Also xelor has no HP recovery spells until lvl 2 time theft at lvl 170. I get he's not a healer, but at least he could have a less effective heal when you unlock time theft at lvl 70.
Also you unlock the rollback passive before you unlock the timekeeper spell, making it a completely useless passive that you unlock as your first passive!

Foggernaut: The blockade spell is only unlocked at lvl 45, so the whole earth branch is mostly useless until then, since all their secondary effects only come into effect when cast on a blockade.

Eniripsa: The transgression passive is only unlocked at lvl 70, so if you want to go for a more damage oriented eniripsa you have to stay a healer for 70 levels.

Rogue: The rouge expert that grants bonus armour from combos to increase survivability is unlocked at lvl 80, so if you want to go for a more melee orientated build you are very squishy for the first 80 levels.

PS: Considering your comments, I propose this system:

As you are supposed to become more powerful as you level up, the amount of your passive slots is what really weighs you down, but in truth the current system doesn't really do that, but instead locks you down under completely unintentional power spikes, by locking the passives you want behind level gates.

This is why I suggest that all passives are unlocked by the time you reach lvl 40 but the slots remain gated under gradual level gates as in the current system.
This way you have a few levels to try out a new passive as you receive them without being overwhelmed, but quick enough that you aren't forced to play most of the game with passives you don't want to use.
This way you are still limited in your choice so you will have to pick and try them all to find out what you like best in the early levels where flexibility isn't as important yet, but still be able to flex into more gameplay styles as you reach higher levels and unlock more passive slots, earning your way into a full build with multiple synergies.

As for the special spells, they should be unlocked at lvl 1 as they are what your whole class revolves around in the later levels, there's no point in locking core spells behind leveling up, you should know what they do and how you can use them by the point you unlock all your elemental spells.
Besides you are already limited by the spell slots early on so it will teach you to strike a proper balance between the core spells that provide utility and the damage spells in your elemental branches.

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Also xelor has no HP recovery spells until lvl 170. I get he's not a healer, but at least he could have a less effective heal when you unlock time theft at lvl 70.

Yes, even then, the heal is not even that great compared to other class and can be easily countered by high willpower =/
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Please this. Even if this is pretty easy to solve, it should be definitely done, it always annoyed me that people got a completely wrong picture of the class they play from start. It even made some classes appear super bland. Besides I think you should unlock the spellslots faster. Maybe a full deck of spells with 40 instead of I think 80. Passiveslots can unlock as they are now. Besides that, I think we really need more variety in the passives in lower levels, some playstyles are impossible without the corresponding passive. So just unlock the basic passives earlier, people are not sad when not every 5 level a passive unlocks or levelup, if they have everything they need to play in a similar or same way as they like.

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I totally agree with what you say, a lot of spells need a revision.

The main idea behind the Deck System is to let players choose how they want to play by limiting the amount of spells that you can use in battle and focusing on a style. The problem is that Ankama didn't apply this correctly and now we have this: rather than unlocking passives that enchance your playstyle, you progressively unlock core spells that are important to the class and affect it directly... which is bad. As you said, Foggernaut learn Blockade at lvl 45 which is the Core Spell of their tanking build and even the page states that being a Tank is one of it's main role, something that you'd expect to do right of the bat and not wait 45 lvls to do so.

As a personal opinion, I think there has to be some sort of "learning process" and it is good that not all good spells are available too soon in the game, but not with this deck system which, in mi opinion, just makes you wait for nothing and is a little bit unbalanced if we compare "the level at which you unlock the spell vs what is does vs the passives that affects it"

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Ok, I updated my post considering your opinions

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I agree that some passives and spells are unlocked in the wrong order (like the osamodas example) but classes getting new stuff as they progress is part of character growth. I'm not sure what you're really hoping for, all spells and passives unlocked at lv 1?

If that were the case then new players would be heavily overwhelmed with abilities. The best way to ease a player into their class is to give them things slowly as they progress.

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Yeah but my point is that the growth is already in getting more spell and passive slots as well as major points and unlocking more AP/MP via equipment.
I think unlocking all spells and passives by lvl 50 is completely reasonable.

Giving players more power over time is ok, but not level gating via passives they absolutely need for a certain playstyle. Otherwise you have to either switch builds as you lvl up or be underpowered until you unlock a passive that synergises with your build.

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Dofus had two major updates to all class abilities. In wakfu this has not happened for a very long time. Cody5 raised a very important topic.  Dofus successfully introduced what was previously in wakfu (arena) and they copied the bag refuge. I do not understand why dev wakfu not want to full update or implement spell system or add a spell variation. 
channel video from ankama (dofus) SPELL VARIANTS
this would fix class problems
for example, let xelors play like summoner 
if the developers made more spell variations or a new branch for abilities, this would be a very cool update. 
ToT wrote on his blog that he was not going to reduce the wakfu dev team. Wakfu is officially less successful than dofus (ToT said it).
Dear Dev Wakfu team maybe you should turn to the experience of Dofus? They have great ideas. Especially since we all play in one krosmoz universe. 
I love wakfu very much. You can check this by how many years I have been playing this game and how many times I paid you money.
But now the international server is empty. as some ppl wrote on the forum now:
Remington has 40 players and 30 of them are controlled by 1 person
I don’t know if Siu or Enio will read this message but they cannot close eyes to the problems of the game when the game becomes less populated.

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I don't really understand all the downvotes Cody5 is getting, this is a great idea.

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