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Customization, Animation changes!

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - March 13, 2019, 18:54:44

So one thing i notice in the game is that things can be very..bland, after a few years
You use the same spells, the same combo's and everyone who plays the same class as you does the same thing
There are some spells or techs that you yourself can invent but ultimately its very limited
Using different weapons can spice up your life but sadly that also is very limited and not very viable in numerous situations.

Here is my idea
Allow an option, likely as an extension of the spell deck, to change spell animations
What do i mean? Well how cool would it be to have a Sacrier that you yourself created, that's more focused around "kicks" than punches
Wouldn't it be rather interesting at the least, for you to cast "Blood rush" but the animation and sound effect for Colonnades plays instead!
Not only could you make purely unique combo animations with different spells, but also adds a layer of Depth to the customization!
And why stop there??
Why not allow the Animation's of OTHER Classes into this, like a Masq using the animation of Fits and Starts for Spitoon
The possibilities are endless and quite simply to achieve too!

And you could even go a step further and changing Class's Idle animations in battle, a Xelor for example standing proud like an Iop
This would just give players a chance to be wholly unique in their customisation 

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So long as players have a choice whether they want this or not, I don't see anything against it. If it's a feasible thing, of course.

But perhaps we should first see what comes of the character model customization(and improving it, seeing how hairstyles don't really fit/matter for say, Foggernauts or Eliotropes, and there should be a different type of it for those classes[not just those two, just listing 'em as examples] such as different hats with varying ornaments and what the 'extensions' on their heads look like, as in their shape(although, they can apparently change the way they look based on the mood of an Eliatrope/Eliotrope, so there's an idea... but it's probably simpler to keep them in a fixed position and make a few variants), speaking for Eliotropes - I don't really have much of an idea what Fogger customization would be like) before getting to this kind of stuff, no? Shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves, I'd say.

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I like the concept although it looks a little bit complicated for Ankama to create. I'd totally love more customization!!!!

This remainder me to when I suggested a new service at the Store that would let us to change the spell's colors. This way I would cast a black colored ligh attack with my Huppermage or Pink heals with my Eni. This suggestion is based on Path of Exile, the ultimate definition of "customize your character and playstyle" imo haha.

I'd love to see that service on the store and would be totally worth paying!


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