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Where's the god of music?

By Prokarios - MEMBER - March 12, 2019, 23:04:23

This is a question that's been stuck in my mind since recent days.

If you think about it, music is everywhere. It transcends language and permeate cultures. It baffles me that in the Krosmoz universe, no one has claimed dominion over music. If something as one dimensional as a bow gets a god(dess), why can't music?

While contemplating this question, I checked the fan classes and indeed there are threads suggesting a bard class. Some suggest that this class would worship Xelor, one suggest Eniripsa. While I get that for music to sound good it has to be on time/beat, I think the only sounds Xelor like would be tick and tock. Eniripsas are more about empowering their words to heal and alchemy.

Is this still yet an unwritten story? Or is this a Pandawa situation where a spirit has yet to create the golden melody and people basically have to worship him/her to replicate it? Or maybe that music is too ubiquitous and that the pantheon would throw a fit for some reason if someone gets to claim it?

Who knows, what are your thoughts on the matter? While I personally believe that revamps should be prioritized first, it would be nice if Ankama tease us with a new class and a new god to go along with.


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The Bilbiboys,
they worship booze too,
just like Pandawas.

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Do you have any source on this? From what I've read in the Bilbiza release forum thread, bilbiboys originated from starved adventurers during Ogrest's chaos stranded on the island. They were basically forced to eat sweet gum extracts found there to survive.
Though it'd be hilarious to have a bilbiboy class, if ever the jelly king ascend to godhood that is.

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Ah apologies, didn't notice it was in Haiku form.

TheRogueCat|2019-03-13 19:24:28
Ecaflip and Ouginak (no idea how they made that up)...

I think they represent Fate, either accepting(Ecaflip) or rejecting(Ouginak). While Ouginak is all about against the odds, that action is still part of the odds itself, creating an inner paradox within Ecaflip, thus making this split personality. That is my headcanon at least.
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It's not really about fate, it's about how you fight
Ecaflips are about cheating (changing rules so the odds favor you)
Ouguinaks are about focus (an honorable duel, folowing the rules)

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I think that music is either a minor god or all of the gods represent it. Eniripsa(being the lyrics) iop(bravery to take criticism) Cra(vocal range) Xelor(rhythm) Ecaflip(the luck it will actualy be good) Osamadas(uniqueness of your song/wild music like rock), Pandawa(the enjoyment of it), Sadida(growth in musical skill) , sacrier(the suffering you go through trying to make a good song) Enutrof(fame), feca(how music can protect you from mentaly breaking down), Sram(Darker more depressing feelings that even the most popular songs hide) 

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If you think about it, every island has a temple devoted to a god, where you find their artifact.

Since Bilbiza has the temple of Sadida, it would make sense for him to be the god of music.
Also he rules over masquaraiders who are the most music based class I know.
So I think Sadida is the music god.

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Man this blookyboo guy better hook me up with whatever he is on, holy damn.

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I think ze's on pure fresh player hype

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