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Battlefields and Healing/Shielding

By NefanJPL - MEMBER - February 21, 2019, 20:49:50

This is a mixed bag - some classes have no self healing or have very weak self healing, while others have massive amounts (Sram, Masq, Ougi). It makes fighting these classes very frustrating and time consuming, and often times extremely difficult to beat even if you otherwise outmatch them.

My first thought was to put a blanket reduction on all healing in battlefields - to make battles not last as long and even the field a little bit, because while these classes have extremely potent healing, they also have high(!) DPS.

What do others think?

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Would then make armouring classes more op- tho you could reduce armour gain.

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Would make classes that manage to stand due to healing disappear. I don't like the idea of a kite/burst/ini based PvP.
Classes are not all being about burst adds some depth and variations to the environment that are welcomed. Reducing them makes them meh.

Note that 1v1 PvP will never be balanced and this change won't fix that.
Heal was never a problem on group PvP. 

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