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Ca world pvp be brought back

By manicalltheway - MEMBER - February 15, 2019, 03:10:44

Any moderator would you mind bringing back world pvp for the sake of the ecosystem. There's some players that destroy everything and they need to be stopped. Plus I've played wakfu on and off recently and want that pleasure back please and thank you. Just keep it in your thoughts because it was what made the game fun. Anyone else feel the same way?

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I would support this, IF some protections were in place, i.e.

(1) New characters (under level 51) are immune to aggression, as long as they are not "Outlaws"

(2) Any player who has PVP turned off (aka "wings down") is also immune to aggression, as long as they are not "Outlaws"

(3) A player with "Heroes" equipped may only aggressively attack another player who has at least the same number of "Heroes" equipped.    (This to prevent 3 on 1 "ganking")     To attack an "Outlaw" who doesn't have "Heroes" equipped, you must drop yours first!
Note however, that a single player without "Heroes" equipped should be allowed to attack a player who has "Heroes" equipped... this would force the more aggressive types to THINK a bit before they attack... due to the risk of placing themselves into a 1 vs 3 situation!  tongue


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Just make hero’s not join the fight like how it used to be!? Lmao the way it was was fine. Open world pvp made wakfu seem dangerous. I was terrified to go to kelba as a lvl 200 and yet it was thrilling at the same time. If I was bored I’d tempt fate and see just who was lurking around the corner... Now I go plant flowers/boxes or get into 1 hour stall fights whenever I want to “pvp”

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Open world PvP makes the game better. I have no clue why they changed the system and why not improve the old pvp system instead removing it... it would be great if they create a new pvp system, balanced, blocking gankers... many of my friends leave wakfu because pvp was removed...

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Can this post get some attention. Because Open world pvp what made this game more fun. We need open world pvp back for us to enjoy this game to it's fullest. I'm not sure what the fuck the dev team doing and thinking. But c'mon time to get your stuff together and listen to players! That's the only way to bring back population and make more money....I mean after all that's what you are after. If people can't enjoy from pixels what the point of having it.

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Thanks, Kwai-no-Kami.
You wrote most of what I would agree to have Open PvP again.  If someone is not interested in it, keep the "wings down".  Of course, if you are an Outlaw, you should be fair game for that nation. wink

Even today, I believe you can attack Outlaws, although I have not tried.

It would be nice if Heroes/Sidekicks would join in to match the number of opponents.  

But of course, if you see 2 outlaws (Or lets say Open PvP enabled players) in a group, and you are on your own with Heroes, if they both have heroes too, do not expect to be more than you and your heroes against  them and their heroes. happy

Oh, look at that, back on 2017 I did indeed suggested a PvP interface improvement (But as you can see, the latest version of Battle Grounds was on its way):

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Another point the old "Open World PvP" system had wrong - the concept of "Merit"... one gained Merit rank by simply winning fights... and players with higher rank were allowed to obtain very high-powered gear with special bonuses for PvP.     It was far too easy to "farm Merit" by creating a 2nd account with "cannon-fodder" characters who would be repeatedly killed to boost the main account's characters Merit to gain access to higher-powered gear.

but what Merit did not properly measure was the concept of HONOR !!   

How much HONOR is there in slaughtering players much weaker than yourself??
How much HONOR is there in attacking an unprepared and unwilling opponent??
How much HONOR is there in murdering citizens of your own or allied countries who are NOT outlaws??

Yet the old "Merit" system REWARDED those dishonorable acts !!     

Small wonder, the thugs, bullies and griefers multiplied until the world cried out for relief !!

I suspect that if committing a dishonorable act caused all of the high-powered gear a PvP player possessed to suddenly and irrevocably crumble into dust and rust, that would be a suitable punishment for dishonoring the privileges that gear represents. 

The "CP" (citizen point) penalties for murdering non-outlaw'ed fellow citizens and allies were also far too weak to deter such actions.  

The dishonorable act of murdering a non-outlaw'ed fellow citizen, or ally, should immediately result in the killer becoming an outlaw themselves with a very large negative CP, so that a longer "prison sentence" would be imposed than for something like harvesting too many plants !!

There needs to be harsh consequences for dishonorable acts !!    Maybe with a bit of tuning of this sort, the Open-World PvP might work without overly encouraging bullies and thugs.

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Dying laugh

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