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[Suggestion] Remove pet chores. They're not fun and punish returning players.

By GreenEmerald - MEMBER - February 11, 2019, 14:34:30

I’m a bit concerned with the constant upkeep that players have to invest in their pets and mounts. Having to feed your pet every 3rd day is not a fun concept when you’ve already maxed their levels and I’m finding more and more players just ignore feeding their pets and buy Osamoda Powders whenever they feel like healing their pet up again.

Furthermore, returning to this game after having a break is an instant reminder of the chores you have neglected. None of your mounts function and you’ve lost stats from pets. This might seem minor if you bingeplay after huge breaks because you only need 2 powder per character, but this seems extremely tedious for players that only play in the weekends, and might convince them to just pick up another game that doesn’t include these chores.

Can I suggest removing the 3-day-penalty and just use meals/powders when you die yourself?

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If im not mistaken, ankama seems to have fix this thing by not reducing pets hp when not equiped.

Might only be a recent thing, pets that are not equiped will not lose hp now even if they are not stored in CHEST. So you can now unequiped your pets and store them in INVENTORY before you go for a long break to prevent them from losing hp.

I think i got confused with a drheller pets which i only got it recently with another drheller of mine
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I might need some further observation to make sure it is not just my imagination

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And we all know the reason for the annoying pet chores, don't we??   tongue
Hint: players with an active booster don't have to feed pets.... wink

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