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Solution for Mining (and maybe Lumberjack?)

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - January 10, 2019, 12:00:00

So as many people already know, Mining specifically has a huge competition due to its finite resources, lumberjack too but thats a lesser issue

My solution to this would make instanced mining location
An instanced location is an area that only you and your group can access at a time
An example of an instanced location is a dungeon, multiple runs are happening at the same time but only you and your group are in your own area
So put some ore spots in dungeons with the corresponding level
Obviously you cant make the dungeon ores more desirable than the outside ones so that will need to be balanced
maybe 3 ore spots per room and 5 in the boss room

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Dungeon with mining spots? Interesting idea, because spots really extremely insufficient. Especially it concerns Dark Carbon.

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since there are some ressources in some dungeons (at least before nation rework, now I don't know) so why not, if not too much

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there should be a way to contest the nodes now that open world pvp isn't a thing

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even then, I've always tried to discuss with the person or farm something else while the person finishes, but I agree in some cases it should be possible to win the right to farm something.

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Hm, Dungeons are not the only instances, where you are seperated upon entering, the Almanax Temple or the former(?) Brakmar Slums for example.

How about this:
Some old crunchy Enutrouf who lets you use his personal "Mineshaft"  for a fitting compensation. Depending on the desired level of minerals or even the amount of nodes you have to "pay" more.
And maybe something similar with a Sadida and a cute little grove for lumberjacks, though you got you Havenbag for an easy wood incomg (unless they changed that).

As good as the initial idea is, I would still prefer it, if they would just take a good look at the whole crafting situation and reduce those ridiculous amounts of mats you need....
ESPECIALLY stuff involving ores.....
How about adjusting the amount of materials you need for components based on the "difficulty" of acquiring them...
Herbs and monster harvests are the easiest and therefor should need the highest amount (maybe 6)
and stuff like ores and rare monster drops should need WAY less (like 3).

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Well, we need some solution. I have tried Mining couple of times but they are never free! Especially the dark carbon and silver zones. I have seen the same 2-4 hoard all maps for HOURS!

I remember people occasionally saying before revamp that mines are always empty. It is only now I realise how much of a blessing that was.

I love the idea of instanced mining. I would gladly pay a fee or whatever to get access to a zone free of players and masses of mobs that hide ores behind them.

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