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Increase Guild member cap or-

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - January 10, 2019, 10:33:42

So the maximum number of people in a guild is 200
This, is a painfully small amount when you consider that most people will have booster, and most people will have alternate characters

Everyone will want their characters to be in a guild because of the stat benefits but also to just have all their characters in one place
But this just fills up a guilds max players limit far too quickly
Even if we limit 2 alt's per player that's still only a maximum of 66 people in a guild

Whats more, is the game currently limits the use of Hero's by making it so they must be the same Nation AND the same guild to even group!

So please
Either increase the guild member cap
Allow us to group our heros regardless of Guild

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If you look from reasonable perspective, most endgame players will have more than 2 alts eventually if they want to try new things out. This puts additional strain on the guild capacity because there aren't allowed to be in other guilds since they otherwise cannot be paired together with your other main characters. 

Having more slots would definitely be a bit help out, they could be unlocked with guild upgrades or something of that sort. If 200 characters is like a hard capacity, allowing heroes to be used from other guilds would be a good solution, you could make guilds ally with each other for this to be possible.

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now we have more slots per sever to buy, it would indeed be important to rethink.

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