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The Nekark Fight Issues

By VoidSettler - MEMBER - January 01, 2019, 14:06:25

I really think Ankama needs to redesign/re-evaluate the Nekark fight as part of Nation Quest chapter 5.
This is the 4th! time I have had new players deciding to quit the game the moment they are faced against this being - God knows how many more new players have decided to throw in the towel at this fight. Perhaps people you'll never see or hear from on this forum, quiting in full silence where it could have been prevented.

Since the current update, the fight has become 'extra' broken, needing to click on tentacles on the timeline in order to target them. Even without this new issue however, the fight has always been riddled with additional clumsy interface/clicking issues, on top of an already hard/random fight that needs a hefty dose of meta-knowledge to accomplish. I have helped a number of friends by dealing with this fight through software like Parsec, controlling their actions for them.

Sure, anyone who's done it quite a few times can do this fight pretty well, but the fact of the matter is that it seems to be a breaking point for NEW players - This fight being so annoying and dreadful to them that they'd rather quit the game entirely than force themselves upon it so they can enter Zinit (Sure they could skip it and not enter Zinit, but that's not the point. These nation quests are designed to be a nice stepping stone to guide new players into the world).

And yes, there will be bigger perils in this game. Nekark is obviously cake in comparison to some of the higher level dungeons and whatnot. What sets Nekark apart is the fact that it cannot be done with any form of aid from other players - It's a tough and unfun fight for the inexperienced, that feels like a barrier in terms of advancement in the game.

So Ankama, please just, I dunno, double the amount of hitpoints the boat has or something, AND fix all the awkward controls and bugs the fight has. Make this fight something new players will actually enjoy instead of dread, without needing to retry it over 10 times.

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First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

Thank you for all the suggestions. The team is aware of this issue.

See message in context
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yep harpoon attack is not workng, 

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I agree, a lot of people suffered from this quest.
Ankama should make it easier or something.

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What I suggest:
Rise the height of the cells where the tentacles are to fit the height of the boat, and lower the tentacle graphics height in the same amount.

That easy/quick fix would likely solve the problem, by having the targetable cells "floating" right beside the boat instead of right over the sea, thus not needing to change the options to aim the tentacles instead of the cell, nor having to struggle to know which tentacle is which from the list on the right.

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Hi guys,

Thank you for all the suggestions. The team is aware of this issue.

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I hope that they won't 'just' fix the targetting issue. As I mentioned before, even without the current issue, the Nekark fight has resulted in a number of people actively dreading to continue playing Wakfu anymore. I managed to aid some of them through help of desktop sharing, doing the fight for them.

For a puzzle experience, the difficulty bar gets raised significantly for that particular fight during the nation quests to anyone still fairly new to Wakfu, not to mention it has 'always' been clunky in its controls and targeting, even when it was brand new.
There's also people whom don't want to make secondary characters knowing that one day they'll have to do the nation quests.. and especially Nekark, again.

I really don't think it would hurt to lower the challenge of that fight. Leave challenging fights to actual dungeons, not to the Nation Questline.

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Yes, you can aim and damage tentacles with harpoon attack by clicking turn list while you are in range .

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also having problems on this quest cant trow the harpoon at all no mater were I click the tentacle or the blue square nothing works.

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Same here, cant move forward with quest although my character is level 100 already....any feedback when there will be a solution for it please? Thanks

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JonTurk|2019-01-08 09:06:50
Yes, you can aim and damage tentacles with harpoon attack by clicking turn list while you are in range .

Hi guys,

The issue is being checked. Target cell mode doesn't work well with this particular fight. As mentioned by JonTurk, you would have to target the tentacle in the timeline (make sure you are in range).
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When is this going to be fixed exactly? It's quite irritating...

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