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By LonelyPanther - MEMBER - December 22, 2018, 06:12:10

I have noticed the need of finding players to help out with a dungeon, event, or simply to level among finding rare or unique materials. One of the system that Ankama put in the game was “group finder” in every dungeon but here in Remington not only is it hard to find groups of your own time but also level requirements, so I came up with an idea that could help players find what they are looking for, and I call it a “community clipboard”

What is a community clipboard?
-it is basically a way to “post” a job or “take” a job. We can charge Kama-or not-based in what it is.

Where should this clipboard be located?
I suggest in a populated area.
By the temple, pappy pal, or eca portal. Perhaps it is best if it is located next to the markets.

—>let’s say for example you’re looking for a group to level or complete a dungeon with then it would not require payment.
—> let’s say you’re looking for a hard-to-get material, recipe, or gear not found in the markets.

How will it work?

Let’s say we have jobs separated into tabs.
Those tabs would include: Crafting gear, harvesting shiny(rare) materials, make a group for a dungeon, invite players for a leveling session, and any other requests.

In any of the above tabs, the player posting the job would have a description of what he/she is requesting, the cost that is willing to pay(if any), the due date or time limit, the party or classes needed to complete the task, and the contact information.

Taking a job:
For the players who are willing to compjete the task posted, we can have a queue or list in a separate journal similar to the achievement so that we won’t forget the task at hand and possibly have a sort of time limit watch to keep the poster updated on the progress and that way keep the community open.

It could potentially help new or experienced players find groups to do a dungeon or to level up instead of having the dungeon group finder that we have right now.

For example, let’s say I want to group in order to beat sham moon but I don’t want to stand at the temple for long hours with no result or to get impatient, I can use the clipboard to request help in defeating sham moon.
Description: Help to defeat sham moon
Minimum level required: “. “
Number of players in group: 6
Classes: [list preferred or required classes]
Time limit:a week/weekly
Who to contact: “. “

Again, this is for the Remington server because everyone has different schedules. But can also be implemented in other servers and work out better due to region.

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