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How to Fix Battlefields

By Barinade - MEMBER - November 24, 2018, 07:46:30

Alright #1, start by reducing the number of battlefields there are per day.

Problem: Right now there's a whopping ten battlefields per day. I get that you need to cover a wide timezone range so that as many people can play as possible, but I'm pretty sure you're also tiring out the community by massively over-exposing them to battlefields.

Solution: Change it to five battlefields per day, allowing for a one hour break between battlefields.


Problem: Some people (such as myself) only go to one level range. It's just my personal preference to only play at level 200 (and I have this preference for a lot of reasons) and for some reason, not every level range shows up every day. Some times I'll log in to find there are a total of zero level 200 battlefields that day. I can tell you tried to even out how many there are per day, but because of this, I think people like myself lose motivation easily when my favorite level range is missing.

Solution: Have one of each of the five level ranges every day, no exceptions.

Also, five level range is too many. I would have only made three level ranges: 100, 170, and 200. I chose these numbers because of how massive power creep is in Wakfu. That being said, I guarantee the dev team will never remove level ranges because of how established they already are so ignore this part.

#3 Set Bonuses

Problem: Defender set ruined PvP. I'm not going to pretend like I can fathom why the developers believed it was necessary to add more resistance to PvP but can I just say that: this is one of the worst decisions that exists within the development of battlefields. To make things worse, newcomers don't stand a chance versus anybody who is completely decked out in PvP set bonuses.

Solution: Nerf set bonuses or remove them. We don't need them.

#4 Stalling

Problem: Some classes are troll picks. Why would anybody want to ever fight a feca, an eni, or a sadida in PvP? If you're playing one of these three classes in battlefields, you know what you're doing. You're going to stall the everlasting crap out of the first unfortunate player you come across. Now, I'm sure that a nerf to set bonuses (specifically the defender set) would somewhat relieve this problem, but I still think that the dev team needs to consider that even the most pathetic gamers have something better to do with their time than sit in an inevitable, 45-minute stalemate versus a tank.

Solution: Nerfs to tanking options, and compensate these classes with better offensive options. (That last part is really important)

#5 Merit

Problem: Merit doesn't mean you're good at PvP. It just means you wasted more time in battlefields than other people. So this game legitimately has zero ways for you to show off your PvP prowess because you know that even though merit was designed to be the one number that reflected your PvP capability, it doesn't mean jack squat.

Solution: Don't reward players with merit for just spending time there. Merit shouldn't even exist, and wings/leaderboard should be exclusively based off PvP capability (and if you do this, wipe the leaderboard because it's honestly worse than before battlefields when people would literally just cheat for merit).


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Add Osa to that stall list :^)

...and Masq :p

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What kind of loser masks are you fighting? The only time I stall is being ganked and / or fighting a tank.

Kimas srsly? What masks are stalling you? Lol.

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I wholeheartedly agree with point number 3, remove the pvp sets, imo these sets shouldnt have rune slots! So ppl can get into pvp easily and enjoy without the crazy farm and not being crazy overpowered by some people who beyond farmed out. Then it would all make sense.. In fact none of the pvp gear should have any rune slots at all

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I'd like to suggest adding the ability to spectate battlefields after you lose, as well. I tried my hand at participating in one, but the mechanics for the battlefield didn't seem to match the little tutorial text. I got attacked and killed rather instantaneously by a duo of players who actually knew what they were doing, and I learned nothing from the experience other than "don't bother playing on a battlefield if you don't know what you're doing".

Adding the ability to spectate would be nice, since then I could actually watch the other players do their thing, learn how you're actually supposed to 'call for reinforcements', and maybe even learn some tactics for the PVP thing. (I personally don't like PVP, but I feel like I'm not really being a team player if I don't at least try to help out with the battlefields.)

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