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Sidekick Suggestion

By LilyEvie - MEMBER - November 07, 2018, 22:05:17

One way to make sidekicks relevant besides rework is to add an additional slot that is dedicated solely to sidekicks. So we with hero/god booster you can have 3 characters and 1 sidekick. And I think dungeons can be limited to 6 characters and 2 sidekicks totaling 8 toons. Dungeons are hard enough as they are especially if you scale to stasis 50. 2 additional sidekicks wouldn't break the game and will allow single account players to beat some dungeons with 4. Also it will give players incentive to buy and level sidekicks.

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Form one point I agree as person who use God Booster.
But from other point, Ankama better concentrate to get more ppl in Wakfu. Game is already enought solo-friendly playing. 

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