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Add the ability to turn in items to Katrina in bulk

By Shatari - MEMBER - October 25, 2018, 21:19:35

I'm rather enjoying the Al Howin event, but turning in the items to Katrina for tokens or torches is easily the worst part of it. If you're trying to cash out your token for killing the 666 monsters required for just one of the achievements, you'll be standing there clicking your mouse buttons for an hour to get them. (Tip: Click both mouse buttons at once to halve the time it takes.)

I'd like to suggest the option to turn them in to her in bulk, so that we can focus on playing the event rather than killing our mice.

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It is another type of grinding to consume your time, you know the Ankama logic? 

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Necromancing this thread from past year, before the item-turning necrotizes our finger from clicking once and again and again and repeating for each pack of items. Seriously, we need the script to check for loops to deliver as many item packs of that kind as possible.

Also, if Katrina Slevastan is supossed to be an Ouginakette, it would be a good time to swap that ugly Sram NPC for a real Ouginakette now that we have that class. tongue And if you are in the mood to whip the artists a bit more, a good artwork instead of that ugly generic black silouette image for her would be welcome too.

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well, on linux you can write in a terminal this:

while :; do xdotool click 1;sleep 0.1s; done

and you will get ~10x mouse clicks every second.
When you're done you can just ctrl-c the loop in the terminal.

I used this method when I had to convert over 9000 tokens from the old system.

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Then this is the code that playing the game, not the user/player?

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