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all zinit open for all

By rustandi - MEMBER - October 11, 2018, 23:46:15
HEY ANKAMA, i hope u open all zinit as fast as u can. and i dont know why u plan to make booster map on wakfu. hte base of this game is free to play.

I dont know why u even make it as pay to play map when ur orgines hard to buy in some country. if u already make all ez to access ur payment method u can thinkin bout that again. i even need credit card for that. and not all ppl have credit card.

a lot ppls enjoying wakfu very much i think.. till all gone coz new map they cant access. almost december now. and its holiday. maybe old player which already gone will see ur game again. and hope they more interest if they see ur game fully for F2P again.
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Seriously, Wakfu's free content is huge, it takes more than a year to do that content! If you played a full year and still want more, you should want to pay the devs to encourage them! to show your appreciation! Wakfu should definitely make it easier to buy ogrines from everywhere, but Zinit is a small part of what you can explore in the Krosmoz!

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It's the only level 190-200 area.

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so they need to make other purchasement systems. yes but for old player with level caps 200 wat i wanna do with low level dung? doin that area for more than 1 years again?

btw the devs just makes players gone. i dunno how they promote their game.. this is a great game.. but sadly more years more lower the community.. i believe the dev will make some moneh if they have large community. so why they make ppls gone if they want moneh. 

lol new class new char new char again.. why i need to make them. =.='a thats not my portion.. thats portion for someone with booster. they leveling fast and can make another chars. for me unbooster player i will just focus on some chars i already have..

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once one of your characters is level 200, you can try a new class and use it to do the new content! there are also the dungeon ladders every month, the boss every week,... the new boss is for level 200 players, it means a very small portion of the players can afford it, but it's your portion!

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