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[suggestion] We really need zinit level food

By Ihavebraindamage - MEMBER - September 17, 2018, 03:52:44

40000 fish bones wasn't cool.
40000 salamanders doesn't help either.
Chef profession at zinit currently have only 2 recipe - scrambled egg that give init and cashew nut that give dodge
which to be honest wasn't really useful to daily consumption. We end up going back to squirmish grawn chowder or suxxor when it come to most useful foods. 

My suggestion is to release some more foods that require using eternal spice, eternal tiramisoup, or those fish directly. It doesn't really have to be powerful. Just something worth getting rid of these fishes.

pretty please consider,
local fisherman in anguish

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Oh yea some variety in high level chief would be superb. I have surfeit of fishes, and there is nothing to use them for. I don't ask for op boost, but some new ress pot ~35, or flat block or crit. Or new kind of mixed effect food. Basicly anything would be helpfull.

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The whole chef list needs a good refreshing and many more recipes added, right now it's not a big deal. Now, about those pesky recipes from Zinit...

They are a shameless adventage for PvPers. They require a crapload of ingredients to be crafted, but they have lower level requirement than previous food dishes, meaning that they can be used at lower level Battlegrounds providing that "better than average" buff for those users that have access to those materiales, while the others will have to stick to the food that possibly requires higher level to be used, and provides worse stats.

Those two dishes suck in both ways, both for the ones crafting them and for the users that are denied from crafting them (because the time and resources needed for it make it not worth it to craft). Just another reasons to drive non-payment PvP users away.

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